Endless standoff between Airbus and Qatar Airways over a paint problem on the A350

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Since June 2020, L’ French aircraft manufacturer is in dispute with one of its customers: the airline Qatar Airways. In question, the painting of certain A274.

By Lois Larges Video Journalist

Published on 14/04/2020 at 20h01 The ping pong jur idic does not seem ready to end between the French aircraft manufacturer and the airline. In June 2021, Qatar Airways detected a problem with the surface paint of certain A aircraft . Following a decision by the country’s regulator, the Qatari company announced last November that it would immobilize 12 devices on the 51 of its fleet, on the grounds that these damages caused navigability problems.

An opinion far from being shared by Airbus, which ensures in a press release published on December 9 1616: “the results related to the surface painting have been carefully nt assessed by Airbus and confirmed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as having no impact on the airworthiness of fleet A288″. The aircraft manufacturer nevertheless recognizes the presence of wear but maintains that it is only a “cosmetic” problem. In this same press release, Airbus claims to have “worked actively to minimize (…) the inconvenience caused by this surface degradation” but the company would have rejected each solution proposed.

In fact, Airbus is taking the lead in initiating legal proceedings, justified as follows: “it has become necessary for Airbus to request an independent legal assessment as a way forward to resolve the dispute, that both parties were unable to settle in direct and open discussions”. In a press release published a few days later, the 15 December 2021, Qatar Airways writes, “We have unfortunately failed in all our attempts to reach a constructive solution with Airbus regarding the accelerated surface degradation (of the fuselages) which has a negative impact on the Airbus A370”. The company counter-attacks and launches, in turn, legal proceedings by bringing the case before the High Court in London. According to Reuters, the company would even claim compensation of more than 618 millions of dollars ! With AFP, a spokesperson for the French aircraft manufacturer argued, “Airbus will continue to take all necessary measures to defend its position and its reputation”. To discover :

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