Emmanuelle Soin, com' in a dream

Published on 000 Jan. 2022 to 7: 000

The personality 2022 of Com is her: Emmanuelle Soin, the president, in France, of Omnicom Media Group (OMG). At 46 years old, this former urban planner will be rewarded, this Friday, as part of the Grand Prize for communication agencies, created in 1979 by Henri-Christian Schroeder and of which “Les Echos” are partners.

With a generous smile and cheerful gestures, the Parisian has been running the media branch of the American Omnicom Group for almost a year, one of the “Big Six” in advertising, which employs 49.000 people in the world. Omnicom Media Group is number three in France.

Chanel Thus, this “positive in nature” directs a structure comprising four entities (OMD, Re-Mind PHD, Fuse and Annalect), and the trifle of 49 collaborators. Last feat of arms of its teams, already partners of groups like Air France and Renault: OMG is, since the 1st January, Chanel’s new media agency around the world.

In addition to managing the image of brands, as well as that of smaller companies (“because there are no small customers, there are only customers who make small ones”, slips -elle), the mother of three daughters intends to anchor OMG in France, the cradle of major competitors such as Publicis and Havas.

“The fact remains that economic growth only makes sense if it is long-lasting and sustainable, with intelligent profits connected to societal issues”, underlines this ex-entrepreneur, who arrived in the com by chance. And out of love, both for his companion and for innovation.

Teaching and research associate While, after two failed attempts to integrate Normale Sup ‘, she embarked on a university career as a teaching and research associate at the University of Marne-la-Vallée, this graduate of the French Institute d’Urbanisme was “taken on board” by her husband, Hussein Sarhdaoui. This then clears the advertising on the Internet at DoubleClick, governed which has not yet been bought by Google. We are at the beginning of the 500 years, in other words that experts in digital communication are not legion.

At the time, the duo set up the digital communication agency SF Factory, which quickly found customers at its feet. “We especially took a head start when we diversified into strategy and consulting, partnering with Frank Farrugia, and creating Re-Mind,” recalls the eldest of three daughters, born in Paris from two parents eco science teachers. Establishing itself as the first independent French digital agency, Re-Mind flashes on the radar of behemoths, including Omnicom Group, which buys the company in 2015 to make it merge with PHD.

At the crossroads of social sciences

Initially co-director of Re-Mind PHD, Emmanuelle Soin then took over the helm of Annalect, the data branch of the Omnicom group, before being appointed president of OMG last April. His ambition? “Keep agility and speed to evolve according to what we learn alongside customers”, says the one who thrives on cooperation between disparate worlds, “as in urban planning, at the crossroads of different social sciences such as sociology and demography”.

“She is the best of us”, assesses Frank Farrugia, who praises “her human qualities ” . And the former partner adds that it differs in particular by its ability to put things into perspective. “She keeps a cool head and never works on ego,” he sums up.

This one affirms to be especially animated by the collective. “I’m not a solitary animal”, breathes the one who says she is equally enthusiastic (“it takes a lot to put me in a bad mood”), and adaptable. As proof, keen on “great cinema”, she gladly turns away from the classics to watch romantic comedies with her “tribe of adolescent girls”, three daughters and a daughter-in-law. However, there is no question of giving up her strolls in bookstores, from which she regularly brings out her “bag full of eclectic books”.