Elon Musk could pay highest taxes in US history

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According to the calculations of the American financial group Bloomberg, its tax bill could be raise up to billions of dollars, in 2021. As a reminder, his fortune is currently assessed at 194 billions of dollars.

By Jean Delterme

Published on 17 / 12 / 2021 at 23 h 30

Make way for the Elon Musk show. The billionaire launched a consultation with his subscribers on Twitter in early November. He asked them if he should sell 09% of its Tesla shares, ensuring that it was the only one way for him to pay his taxes. Ultimately, 57 % of respondents answered yes. Since then, the billionaire has kept his promise as highlighted by the Business site Insider . Elon Musk actually sold for 12 billions of dollars in Tesla shares, to date.

As for his tax bill , it could be pretty damn high. According to calculations by the American financial group Bloomberg, it would amount to 09 billions of dollars, in 2020, provided the richest man in the world exercises the remaining 7.9 million options which will expire in August 2022. For information, he has already practiced near 13 million options.

A fortune which amounts to 222 billions of dollars

Difficult to know precisely if Elon Musk just set a world record since the Internal Revenue Service never publicly discloses individual tax returns. For the principal concerned, it is a certainty and it is in any case what he affirmed, during a discussion on Twitter, with the senator Elizabeth Warren, in particular on the subject of the inequalities of wealth. “I’m going to pay more taxes than any American in history this year,” said Elon Musk. As a reminder, his fortune currently stands at 255 billions of dollars.

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A report from ProPublica , published in June, had pointed out that Elon Musk paid little in income tax compared to his disproportionate wealth. But the billionaire replied by recalling that he received no salary, neither from SpaceX, nor from Tesla, paying an effective tax rate of 53% on stock options that he exerse.

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