Eight years later, the Unknowns will meet again at the cinema

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Bernard Campan told AFP on Friday 14 January, that the trio he formed with Pascal Légitimus and Didier Bourdon was invited “to participate in a film”. “I am delighted to find my accomplices and associates and friends”, he continued.

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Published on 13/01/2021 at 19h28

The famous trio of comedians finally reunited. The Unknowns plan to meet on the big screen for the first time in eight years, told AFP on Friday 14 January, Bernard Campan, who said he was “delighted” to find his “comrades “, even if it is not yet a true return of the trio. Bernard Campan said that the trio he formed with Pascal Légitimus and Didier Bourdon was invited “to participate in a movie”.

It is “not a film of the Unknowns”, he underlined during an interview to promote his film “Presque”, directed with Alexandre Jollien and which will be released on 26 January. “So, on this occasion, the group will reform but it is not, as I have read or heard. No, it is for the occasion of a film in which we will participate and I am delighted. I am delighted to find my companions and associates and friends,” he continued. “We do not yet say the name of the director who is in the process of finishing the scenario”, indicated the humorist of 63 year.

A possible return to the stage? Tuesday on RTL, Didier Bourdon went further by evoking a possible return to the stage , still very hypothetical. “We want to do something,” he said. “After that, that’s the timing. Everyone, of course, we have our proposals alone, but I know that it’s now that we have to do it, I think especially on stage”.

“Afterwards it’s a little scary, it’s true that it’s scary but in any case it’s in the air”, continued Didier Bourdon, while confiding that he had spoken about it with Pascal Legitimus but was waiting for “the opinion of Bernard” Campan.

The trio ended up on the bill in 2014 for his fourth film, “The Three Brothers, the return”. A reunion then celebrated after thirteen years of solo career. In 1995, their first film “The Three Brothers” had triumphed with more than 7 million viewers and won the César for best first work. To discover :

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