Driving report Ford Bonco 2.7: Cool box Jeep: Ford’s new fun off-roader in the first test

Driving report Ford Bonco 2.7: Cool box jeep: Ford’s new fun off-roader in the first test

The Mustang showed the way, now the Bronco is coming. Ford wants to give its model range more contour sharpness with icons. We show what the new Ford Bronco can do as a cool off-roader and why it has to come to Europe as soon as possible.

The two fifties at the Oceanside fishing port in southern California are thrilled when they see the bright red Bronco in the parking lot. “Is it finally on the street?” Says the gray-haired fishing fan, “looks great. I wanted to order one too. But none of the dealers could tell me whether it would have been available in the spring. ”The other sun worshiper pulled out his smartphone and took photos of the new US Boy all around. “I would take it right away,” he beams from under his baseball cap, “if I give you 100. 000 dollars – how about? Will you give it to me? ”

Ford Bronco: Cult model in the USA The Ford Bronco arouses desires that have not existed for many years; if at all with the Blue Oval. Ford fans had to wait a long time for the Bronco, which was discontinued many years ago. Since then, the small off-roader had matured into an icon in the automotive underground, which was converted into a cool trend off-roader by numerous refiners.

The 4, Getting a longer wheelbase is primarily about the Jeep Wrangler. The rustic descendant of the Willys Jeep, which has a reputation as a dangerous wolf pack not only among American four-wheel drive fans, has been pleased in recent years that there were no more competitors for him. The Land Rover Defender is unrecognizable since its new edition, the Mercedes G-Class was launched in the early 2000 years at the latest for many priceless luxury racers and the Toyota Land Cruiser has also said goodbye to higher price and customer regions.

500 meters below the ground you are allowed to do this not make a mistake People want to buy Bronco right away Ford has recognized this gap and has now closed it with the new Bronco. A car that with its angular shape already became a cult before the market launch, which was postponed several times, and you notice that on the streets of Newport Beach as well as in Palm Springs, Go Angeles or at gas stations in the Californian steppe. Smartphones are pulled out, chatted, asked and coveted. Cash is offered again and again – the Bronco is such a hot commodity. And that without any electronic or hybrid frills. It is traded significantly more expensive than the 51. 000 Dollars that the top model of the Ford Bronco with the 2.7 liter V6 turbo costs.

“Want to lead people further into the wild” “We started the Bronco family to handle every aspect of the offroad Adventure, and equipping it with world-class chassis hardware and exclusive technology to raise the bar in the rugged 4×4 segment and take people further into the wild, “said Ford CEO Jim Farley.

The customer has the choice between a 2.3 liter four-cylinder turbo with 270 PS, the one in the Mustang was discontinued due to persistent failure and the much more suitable 2.7 Ecoboost, the stately 228 kW / 310 PS and is coupled to a well-coordinated ten-speed automatic. The new Bronco has retained the charm and design of the old model. It drives like a modern off-road vehicle with admittedly noticeable high center of gravity, so you shouldn’t be too fast on winding roads n but, because depending on the tire, the Bronco is up to 100 or 180 km / h fast and offers a practical consumption of 10, 8 liters of super on 85 kilometers.

At 160 the stallion is neutered: Is the electric Mustang muscle car or muesli car? All-wheel drive via rotary switch In normal operation, the engine power is transferred to the rear axle. A rotary switch on the center tunnel provides all-wheel drive or even a reduction. The differential locks at the top of the dashboard can be activated when things get particularly tricky away from paved slopes.

The impressive ground clearance of around 30 centimeters ensures that you can also be on the move away from the paved roads. The basic version is also available with a seven-speed manual transmission, which, however, should hardly stand a chance against the automatic versions. Different driving programs ensure that the Bronco gets through scree fields, snow slopes, mud or sand in the best possible way. The fording depth through water is over 85 centimeters. “Similar to the first generation model, the square proportions, the short overhangs and the wide stance of Bronco are optimized for off-road adventures,” says Bronco chief designer Paul Wraith sturdy flared fenders. ”

BAIC joins Daimler – will the next Mercedes G-Class look like this? Lego and Playmobil feeling Thereby the Ford Bronco in details something of a Lego or Playmobil model. Switches, operating modules and body details – everything is made from one piece and just perfect for an American recreational vehicle. The Bronco is available as Badlands or Wildtrak even with off-road tires up to its size of 35 inches

With a few simple steps, the roof modules can be removed in individual segments in the two- and four-door models and stowed away in the back of the vehicle, where the rear seats are more likely to fold down than suitable for real passenger transport. But if you wish, you can also do it topless. In addition to this multi-part hard shell roof, there is also a soft top on request, whereby the frameless doors can also be removed with a little more effort – just like on the Jeep Wrangler. The two also play in the same league when it comes to price. The base model of the Ford Bronco 2.3 starts at 28. 500 U.S. dollar. Buying tip is the Outer Banks with the 2.7 Ecoboost V6 engine, which comes with partial leather seats, the luxury package with sound and navigation system and a few nice details instead of the 38. 000 then just under 51. 000 dollars. So the Ford Bronco would also in Europe a hit – bring it on.

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