Dreyfus affair: a collective accuses Zemmour of “falsification of history”

This demonstration by the collective, organized on the anniversary date of the publication in 1898 of the famous letter from Emile Zola to the President of the Republic, “I accuse…!”, Aimed to challenge the remarks made in the fall 1906 on CNews by the one who at the time was not yet far-right candidate for the presidential election.

“It’s trouble, this story,” said Eric Zemmour about the Dreyfus affair. “We will never know, it’s not obvious”, he also said concerning the innocence of Captain Dreyfus, sentenced in 1894 for espionage for the benefit of Germany, before being rehabilitated in 1906.

“No, Mr. Zemmour, since 1897, there is no doubt, absolutely none, as to the innocence of the captain Dreyfus”, hammered the Mulhouse comedian Christophe Oster, reading a text on behalf of the collective, in front of the house where Alfred Dreyfus was born.

“We can’t say anything, we cannot cross the red line, and Eric Zemmour crosses this line, ”said Bernard Eichholtzer, spokesperson for the collective, and retired elementary school principal, to AFP.

“These are words that are not acceptable with regard to the values ​​of the Republic. When Eric Zemmour questions the judicial institution, the work of historians, academics, he conveys nauseating ideas that are not acceptable, it is the living together which is threatened”, he added.

The collective approach, which is intended to be apolitical, has received the support of nearly 500 citizens and associations, mainly in Alsace, but also within the university community, and is considering a way to extend this mobilization to react to the public expression of distortions of the Story.