Dr Love: The best positions to make your mouth water!

At the beach To do somersaults without making waves, the first option is to swim to the buoys that delimit the swimming areas. Your balance will be precarious, but if you are a little sporty, this will serve as a point of support and allow you to consider some discreet junk.

To really get into the keen on the subject, you will need a buoy or an inflatable mattress. Be careful though to stay in the water if you are in public! Also think about the rocks, which hide you while offering you the possibility of testing standing positions, and not just “I turn around and there you go”. It can lift your legs, carry you… or even spoil you while you make a pear tree in the sand!

In the Private pool, the pool opens up an even wider range of possibilities. Already because we can make it romantic, with petals, candles, waterproof sex toys… And also because it has interesting features, such as its steps. Sit down and on all fours, much more comfortable than on a rock or in the sand! The chair is particularly well suited in this case, you just have to sit on it! Also try the classic, “swimmers”, and let yourself float on your back while the man is surfing. As everywhere with water, think carefully about lubricating your vagina, because the liquid dries up the mucous membranes…

In the river In the mountains or in the countryside this summer? Great, you will surely come across small quiet waterfalls, cute streams… And be able to kill two birds with one stone! The ideal configuration is precisely to have large, and flat, available. We can then rediscover the joys of our good old missionary, or try out more acrobatic positions, such as the “noose”, where each seated partner stands face to face with their feet up, or the “goddess with long hair. ”, Which consists of lying down, from the back, on the man himself on his back, the hair of the lady on the face. We warn you, it is not easy to achieve!

Anabelle Gentez

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