IPAD VIEW Download — iPad View_APK Pubg Mobile

iPad View Download — is developed for those who want to fully customize and optimize graphics and eat more Chicken Meal for you.

From midrange to flagship phones, this is the perfect tool for better gaming experience.

Are iPad PUBG players considered to be pro? Having a particular device doesn’t grant the skills. Although one can say that using iPad has some benefits, such as greater view (iPads have 4:3 aspect ratio vs 16:9 or 20:9 on most phones.) This means that you have more screen area and can see further.

iPad View APK

You Don’t Need any App or No need to root Your Device. Its safe and very easy to do.

Ok here’s iPad View Download — How you can do it.

  • Step- 1- Open Your Game
  • Step- 2- Don’t let it load and just minimize it.
  • Step-3 Click on Recent key app Button on your phone and Split the game
    Step-4 Let the game load until you see the home screen of Pubg Mobile
  • Step-5 Now Rotate Your phone
  • Step- 6 Slide Slowly and Full screen it.


  • you Are good to go.
  • You can see you are on i-pad view on your device.
  • Start a match and You will get it same way in i-pad view.
  • Do this simple trick to get i-pad view whenever you wanna play like that.

iPad View Download — APK


To notify me of errors, you can click the Error Button in the app or suggest features via Email that of course require an Email app.

1. If you have changed ANYTHING in the in-game graphics settings, please close the game and reapply your setting in BAGT before playing.

iPad View Download — Free

2. Make sure you allow the storage permission, otherwise the app won’t be able to do its job.

Enjoy a brand new experience for iPad Pro 12.9. This theme has awesome official hd wallpapers and hundreds of custom icons for your Android phone for iPhone 8 and 7S and ipad pro Plus. Install this theme now.

If Your device doesn’t support split-screen:

Follow these steps

  1. Go to Settings
  2.  Go to More Options
  3. Go to Developer options (skip step 2 if you already has the button in the settings menu)
  4.  Go to the bottom of the list.
  5.  Find Force Minimize Resolusion/Split-Screen on all apps.
  6.  Restart/Reboot your devices.
  7.  After that, you can use it in your pubg.

For those who did the trick split screen but the resolution keeps resetting to original resolution:

1.Do the trick
2.After you actives the trick, change your rotation mode to landscape mode.
3.Then slowly slide to the edge.
Retry it a few time if it didn’t worked.

Hope it Helps.

iPad View Download — For Android

If you want to change your regular android cell phone to look like iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus or ipad pro, it is the perfect app for you to experience that feeling and new fantastic wallpapers and iPhone mobile icons on your android phone.

This theme is compatible for small, medium, large, X-most likely all mobile screen types, as well as both horizontal and vertical screens, and it is very easy to use for each and is completely free and will always be for iphone lovers. PUBG Mobile phones.

iPad View Download — PUBG Mobile

PUBG ipad view APK download

iPad View PUBG Mobile APK provides an iPad view for PUBG Mobile. Download SUN RISE’s Android Tools app iPad View PUBG Mobile.

iPad View PUBG Mobile APK provides an iPad view for PUBG Mobile. Download Android Tools application iPad View PUBG Mobile developed by SUN RISE.

iPad View PUBG APK
Theme for Apple ipad pro 12.9 (2018) includes beautiful stock HD + wallpapers newly released by ipad pro 12.9 as well as old models.

This beautiful Theme / wallpaper for Apple ipad pro 12.9 (2018) will make your phone feel like you are using 6s plus phone.

iPad View Download — PUBG Mobile on iPad View

This app contains tons of wallpapers and is compatible with all types of screens (Small, Large, Medium). This app will give you a very good theme customization experience with a unique custom icon to make you different from others.

Some of the launchers that are compatible with this wallpaper ipad pro 12.9 (2018) are listed below.

  1. ADW Launcher
  2. ADW1 Launcher
  3. ADW2 Launcher
  4. ADW EX Launcher
  5. google now Launcher

iPad View Download — PUBG Mobile Android

  • airplane launcher
  • clear Launcher
  • line Launcher
  • Mini Launcher
  • zero Launcher
  • tsf Launcher
  • Launcher smart
  • smart pro Launcher
  • solo launcher
  • Next Launcher
  • Action Launcher
  • Nova Launcher
  • Holo Launcher
  • holo HD Launcher
  • Go Launcher
  • KK Launcher
  • Apex Launcher

iPad View Download — How to use:

Download and install ipad 12.9.

Open the app

  • If you already have a launcher install then just click on apply theme.
  • Otherwise, install one, because the theme cannot be applied without a launcher.

iPad View PUBG Mobile Setup

First, download the iPad View PUBG Mobile files to your Android device from the “download” button. After this process, you can download the iPad View PUBG Mobile and go to the location where you downloaded the file and start the installation process by clicking on the APK file. Click on a sub link for a more detailed explanation.

Thanks for downloading.

You can use our Android more APK download site. The best APKs are on our site. Our ikimody site is ready to download the “iPad View PUBG Mobile APK” application.


Theme and Launcher for iPad Pro 12.9 is compatible and supported for the following launchers. Just download one of these Launchers and use Wallpapers and beautiful icons of iPhone Cell Phones.

iPad View Download — Pubg Mobile APK

1) Aviate Launcher
2) Action Launcher
3) Apex Launcher
4) ADW Launcher
5) Nova Launcher

iPad View Download — Apple Pubg Mobile

6) Holo Launcher

7) Lucid Launcher

8) Next Launcher

9) Line Launcher

10) TSF Launcher

11) KK Launcher 5) You can change the wallpaper whenever you want 6) Very easy to manage and use 7) Consume small size in memory

12) S Launcher

iPad View Download — Latest Version


1) Attractive and Beautiful HD Graphics

2) More than dozen free HD Wallpapers

3) Lots of free designed and cute icons

4) You can preview them before applying





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