Doubs: Vast cannabis and cocaine trafficking dismantled in Besançon

The operation mobilized no less than 200 gendarmes on 11 last January. It led to the arrest of twelve people suspected of being involved in a vast traffic of narcotics which fed two deal points in the sensitive district of Planoise in Besançon (Doubs). Among the people implicated by the investigation of the research section, three were referred Thursday and placed under judicial control, seven others were presented this Friday to an investigating magistrate. The last two were released, the gendarmerie said in a press release.

The case began two years earlier, in January 2020. At the exit of the Vaux-les-Prés motorway tollbooth, a curious game is observed: three bags are transferred from one vehicle to another by a man while a second monitors the surroundings. A judicial investigation is opened on 21 April 2021 for association of criminals, drug trafficking and non-justification of resources.

The gendarmes in charge of investigations finally manage to identify a very organized team that sells drugs in this district of Besançon. The investigation is complicated to carry out, the deal points being secured by lookouts whose mission is to give the alert in the event of a surprise arrival of the police.

26 kg of cannabis, 6.6 kg of cocaine

Investigators manage to identify a man whom they suspect of supplying the drug to this network. They learn that a convoy of two vehicles carrying a large quantity of narcotics must arrive on 26 November 2021. On their return, their occupants are awaited by the gendarmes who seize 162 kg of resin of cannabis as well as 6.6 kg of cocaine. The resale value of the goods is estimated at more than 1.7 million euros.

The 11 last January, a new operation was launched, mobilizing 200 gendarmes from the gendarmerie region of Bourgogne Franche-Comté and from the SR of Besançon, members of the Psig (surveillance and intervention platoons of the gendarmerie) specialized in delicate interventions, mobile gendarmes to secure the perimeter and dog teams. During the searches, the gendarmes seized six vehicles, 178.000 euros in cash and in bank accounts, luxury clothes and narcotics.