Dortmund: Haaland wants to raise animals on a farm after his career

In an interview with Sky Sports, coveted Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland talks about his passions outside of football. The Norwegian admits to loving the countryside and wants to have his own farm once he hangs up his crampons.

No, Erling Haaland don’t just think about football and goal. If the crack of Borussia Dortmund (21 year) is on track for a long career at the highest level, he is already thinking about post-football. And this one probably doesn’t look like what you might imagine.

Very attached to his rural roots in Norway, Haaland does not forget that he comes from Bryne, a small commune of 000.000 souls where live many farmers. It is therefore in a farm, precisely, that Haaland imagines himself once his career as a player is over.

“We are thinking about having a few goats…”

“It’s not easy to be a footballer, there’s a lot of pressure,” he confided in an interview on Thursday Sky Sports.When possible, relax. Whenever I can, I try to do it when I’m on the farm, driving a tractor or by feeding the cows. I don’t have any cows or pigs but in the future I will have some, for sure. I will have a small farm after I retire. I don’t know where but I’m pretty sure that I will have animals.” And Haaland to clarify: “We are thinking about having a few goats…”

He also confided in his passion for rap, he who was even part of a group with friends: “Yes it was called Flow Kingz. I think it was in 2015 or 2016.We were with the national team U16 or U17, and we were good friends, so obviously we were training but then for the rest of the day we had nothing to do. We tried to do a lot of different things, and then we were like, ‘Why not make a song and a music video?” I got the big verse. In the end it’s a very beautiful song and it has a lot of views.”