Mark Zuckerberg said that Trump

Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram Accounts Reopened

President Trump’s social media accounts were suspended after the events that started with the rally of US President Donald Trump and resulted in the printing of the congress. President Trump, enraged by the closure of social media accounts one by one, even announced that he would establish his own social media platform.

It seems that Trump’s longing for social media will not last long, as Facebook and Instagram accounts have been reopened . First accounts reportedly suspended temporarily after Twitter, Instagram and Facebook indefinitely, as was blocked.

Mark Zuckerberg said that Trump’s active use of Facebook and Instagram accounts is dangerous:


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg , who made a statement after the closure of Donald Trump’s social media accounts, stated that Donald Trump’s behavior as the President in office was not approved and was dangerous, and he blocked the social media accounts until the peaceful transfer of power was completed ‘indefinitely. ‘he said they extended it.

Donald Trump posted quite aggressively saying that votes were stolen in the US and supporters should fight. After Trump’s post, thousands of demonstrators raided the White House and managed to enter the senate.

Later, as the curfews began to be imposed, President Trump ordered the National Guard to intervene in the events in the congress building, and with his posts, he invited the people to calm down and return to their homes peacefully.

While the events in the USA were closely followed by the world press, Biden and some politicians defined the events as a coup attempt . Elected President Joe Biden will officially take office on January 20, in a ceremony known as the opening of the new term.