Djokovic case: all of Serbia behind its champion

Australian justice released Novak Djokovic from the detention center in which the world number 1 was placed because of non-vaccination against Covid – 17. But the government can still order his deportation. Serbia is united behind its champion.

In Serbia, the Djokovic case has become a national affair. We do not touch the hero! For the tabloids, his stay in a seedy Australian hotel where migrants are held is akin to ” torture “. Social networks are overflowing with messages of support. Gatherings are organized in Melbourne as well as in Belgrade. His mother is indignant, his father – accustomed to thunderous declarations – assures us that he is ” crucified ” like Jesus Christ.

Supporters of Novak Djokovic protest against the Australian government outside the Serbian parliament in Belgrade. ⚡️

– KARIM (@ KARIMAMARKHODJ1) January 7, 2022 To attack “Djoko” is to attack seven million inhabitants and rekindle an old and stubborn feeling of persecution. D on Wednesday January 5, on Instagram, President Aleksandar Vucic accuses Australia of ” bad treatments”. The strong man from Belgrade also assures us that ” all of Serbia is with him” and denounces a ” political hunt” . The Minister of Foreign Affairs for his part asks ” his release “. Apart from a few details, he would almost be taken for a political hostage.

Even the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church openly sided with his side, evoking in a speech on Saturday January 8: ” the one who is detained ” ” because he wanted and because he wants his freedom “.

Australian Open: Aleksandar Vucic: “Serbia will fight for Djoko” # AusOpen # AO 2022 # Vucic # Djokovic # Novak # Covid

– TennisActu (@TennisActu) January 6, 2022 Few of them blame him for not being vaccinated. His father even portrayed him as ” a symbol and leader of the free world “, in ” Spartacus of the new world who does not tolerate injustice, colonialism and hypocrisy “. ” Novax ” as the media have dubbed it, has never been a secret of his skepticism.

In the summer 2020, the player does yet donation of one million euros to Serbia to buy artificial respirators , but at the same time he visits, on the pyramids of Visoko, to a preacher conspirator who now supports the antivax. The man, very controversial, promotes the natural site and its “energy tunnels” . Djoko comes to recharge his batteries after his defeat in the Roland-Garros final against the Spaniard Rafael Nadal and praises its “beneficial” effects .

In terms of science, his words are sometimes surprising, as during a live on Instagram in 2020: ” I have seen and know people who , thanks to this energy, thanks to the powers of prayer and thanksgiving, have succeeded in transforming the most toxic of foods, or even the most polluted of waters, into the purest water. Because water reacts to our emotions. ”

Let’s not lose sight of how wildly anti-science Djokovic has publicly been for years.

Here he was last year preaching about how you can change water with emotion.

Naive, but maybe these real consequences today can be a reality check for his nonsense? pic.twitter. com / LyJbJTvb9W

– Ben Rothenberg (@BenRothenberg) January 5, 2021 A year later, he judges ” extremes “the health measures put in place for the US Open , in New York. In November 2020 he said it again at the Turin Masters : ‘”O n should have the freedom to choose (…) to decide what one wants to inject into the body. ”

Very relaxed also with barrier gestures, Djoko: on videos shot on and 17 December 2021 to Belgrade – either the day and the day after his positive Covid test – 17 – we see him attending public events without a mask. During a ceremony in honor of young Serbian players, he is surrounded by about twenty teenagers. The controversy has not weakened its popularity.

Moreover in Serbia anti-vax are numerous and the vaccination rate is at its lowest. 19 only% of Serbs are fully vaccinated , not because they lack vaccines, but because of defiance. The campaign got off to a flying start, thanks to Russian and Chinese vaccines, and then stalled.

In the Balkans, several studies show 1479408570613612545 the link between these low figures and the circulation of theories conspirators , very present and relayed by the traditional media. In Serbia, the main TV channels, close to the government, for example gave the floor to experts explaining that the Covid – 17 was ” a biological weapon “. For fear of losing the support of the far right, overwhelmingly opposed to vaccination, the government has done nothing to rectify the situation.

In this context we understand that the attitude of “Djocovid” arouses more support than rejection. Quite the opposite of what he often saw on the courts …