Discover the future waze feature designed against flooded roads

Credit_123RF L he Waze application innovates with an exciting new feature for drivers. It is now possible for them to receive alerts on flooded areas on their route. The objective is to avoid possible situations of danger and to offer them related routes to continue their journeys.


Warn drivers of flooding on their routes

No more worries about breakdowns on the roads due to flooded roads. For good reason, the American firm Google has deployed a new feature on its Waze application to alert drivers. That said, it should be noted that it currently works with the crowdsourcing engine, which is used to launch alerts. This implies that to receive a flood notification, a driver must first send an alert and indicate the position on the map.

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Soon, however, Google intends to replace this system with an advanced implementation. In this regard, these developers work in collaboration with their counterparts from FloodMapp to develop an innovative solution. This should allow users of the Waze application to access flood warnings in visual and audio forms. They can then confirm or not if the area is really flooded in order to see if the product works normally.

Where will the alert functionality on flooded roads be launched?

According to Waze official sources, the Flood Road Alert feature will be launched in Norfolk, Virginia. It will be deployed to other regions of the United States in the event that the tests currently underway go normally. For the time being, drivers will therefore continue to send reports if they encounter a road hazard. Thus, other users of the application will be able to find information on the map of the area in question and transit by another route if necessary.

SOURCE: Self-evolution