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Discover 2020 Cashback Calendar

Eligible Discover credit card holders can now activate bonus 5% cashback categories for the first quarter of 2021. January to March (then 1%) at Walgreens and CVS, cardholders who sign up will earn up to $ 1,500 in 5% cash back at grocery stores (including Walmart grocery purchases and delivery purchases; excluding other Walmart and all Target purchases), Walgreens and CVS.

Discover Financial Services - Discover Unveils Full 5% Cashback Bonus®  Calendar For 2021

Explore the payback calendar for 2021
Discover has announced a full 5% refund calendar for 2021 so you can take a look at the bonus categories for the whole year.

January-March (Activate Now): convenience stores( includes Walmart Grocery and delivery purchases; excludes other Walmart and all Target purchases), Walgreens and CVS
April February June (activate from February 1, 2021): gas stations, wholesale clubs and select streaming services
July May September (activate from May 1, 2021): restaurants and PayPal
October August December (activated from August 1, 2021):, and

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