Didier Tabuteau, a health expert at the head of the Council of State

By Laurent Fargues the 10. .2022 at 16 h 28 4 min read Subscribers

The new head of the Council of State, Didier Tabuteau, is a personality marked on the left, with a dual career as a senior civil servant and an academic. “T all my energy will be devoted to administrative justice, to make it shine, defend, reinforce it “, he announces in an internal message.

Didier Tabuteau was appointed vice-president of the Council of State.


In the midst of a health crisis, Emmanuel Macron is playing the card of expertise. On January 5, he appointed Didier Tabuteau, a leading specialist in social protection and public health, as head of the Council of State, the highest administrative court. For months, the succession of Bruno Lasserre, reached by the age limit of 61 years, agitated the conversations at the Royal Palace and all the scenarios had been scaffolded … except this one. “He was not a candidate but it is an excellent choice, smiles one of his colleagues. He has an extraordinary capacity for work, he is a fine lawyer and an affable type, which does not spoil anything.”

By the way, the Head of State rewards the work of the social section, which Didier Tabuteau chaired until then and which has been on the front line since the start of the Covid epidemic . In less than two years, he and his troops worked on a dozen bills and a host of ordinances and decrees. “Our teams have done a colossal job to guarantee the functioning of the welfare state during this so difficult period, describes the very recent boss of the Council of State. With sometimes weeks of work of 80 Where 90 time.”