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Did the Nothing Phone 1 cheat on the brightness of its screen?

According to 01Net’s Did the Nothing Phone 1 cheat on the brightness of its screen?
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The Nothing Phone 1 spec sheet states that the phone’s screen is capable of reaching a maximum brightness of 1200 cd/m2. But independent tests revealed that the phone’s panel was rather stuck around 700 cd/m2. Did Nothing give wrong information on his phone? Not really, we explain everything to you.

Launched in the middle of summer, the Nothing Phone (1) made a lot of noise, especially for its unique design. Today, it is the brightness of its screen that is the subject of controversy. Indeed, the phone would be able to reach 1200 cd/m2, but would be “stuck” at 700 cd/m2. We explain the why and how.

Is the Nothing Phone 1 screen clamped?

Do you know the maximum screen brightness of your smartphone? If not, we won’t hold it against you. When you use a telephone, you simply expect perfect readability of what is displayed on the screen. Although this is the case with the Nothing Phone 1, our colleagues from ComputerBase detected a discrepancy between the level of brightness announced by the brand and that which they were able to measure.

So the Nothing Phone 1 screen wouldn’t be able to go much higher than 700 cd/m2. A brightness that we checked in our 01Lab with a result of 715 cd/m2 in peak light (HDR). Is this limitation voluntary on Nothing’s part? If so, why display a maximum brightness of 1200 cd/m2?

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We posed these questions to Akis Evangelidis, chief marketing officer and co-founder of Nothing. He explains to us that the Nothing Phone screen is technically capable of going up to 1200 nits, but that internal tests have shown that this has a significant impact on the heating of the device and the battery. Nothing has therefore decided to limit the maximum brightness of the screen to avoid these phenomena while providing enough comfort to the user so that he can use the phone in all light conditions.

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The Nothing co-founder goes on to say that their teams are investigating the issue of an update that could unlock the hardware part and allow the screen to operate at maximum capacity in certain scenarios. Until then, Nothing is committed to specifying on its website that the peak brightness is 1200 nits, but that the latter is capped at 700 nits:

“The maximum display brightness of the Nothing Phone (1) is currently limited to 700 nits. We are working to unlock the hardware’s full potential to achieve 1200 nits through a future software update while ensuring an optimal user experience. In the meantime, we highlight on our website that the maximum brightness has been capped at 700 nits as per Nothing OS version 1.1.2. »

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