Diane Leyre (Miss France 2022) confides on one of her “little worries”

Diane Leyre will spend a year 2021 under the spotlight and will therefore have to engage in games regular interviews, speeches and speaking engagements. An exercise for which she was prepared, but which will not always be obvious for the new Miss France.

Diane Leyre and her “concern for diction”

Going from virtual anonymity to the cover of several magazines in one evening, this is the life of Miss France . The oldest beauty pageant in the world still in operation is a benchmark in France and is still an audience success. For the year 2022, it is Diane Leyre who will wear the crown and the famous scarf.

On Instagram, the young woman of 22 years shared with her community a small concern that she had: ” Many of you have noticed: I have a little” chhh ” sometimes when I speak, especially when I’m tired moreover it comes out even more. This is part of my little complexes (…) But, we will spend a year together so as much tell you “she says in remarks reported by our colleagues from Cnews .

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The year of Diane Leyre

After winning the Miss France contest, Diane Leyre had to immediately follow up on several interviews to know be his feelings about this new life that is opening. If she plans to spend the holiday season with her family, she also thinks of resting before starting a year 2021 which may be charged.

The public may see it in many major events. And if you want to know everything about the Mister France competition, go here .

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