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TRADITION | Twelve logs imagined and designed by outstanding pastry chefs who all have in common the images and memories of Christmas that rocked their childhood ! Between Christmas ball, star, snowflake, fireplace log, shoe, tree or champagne, these desserts all evoke celebration and gluttony for the 21 December. Then all you have to do is wish you happy holidays by taking good care of yourself!

Festive, a Christmas log in the form of a ball at the Plaza Athénée

Christmas log Festive Plaza Athénée – © Plaza Athénée The magic of Christmas would not be complete without all the decor that accompanies it!

Angelo Mussa, best worker in France, world pastry champion as well as Elisabeth Hot , have imagined making children and adults dream with a Christmas creation in the form of a Christmas ball. But not just any. A delicately and elegantly chiseled sphere dedicated to the famous “black gold” using the entire cocoa pod. From the nibs to the mucilage, including the bean of course.

Here the upper part of the ball rises to reveal a few finely chocolatey fir trees. Then a chocolate mousse from Madagascar accompanied by a confit of mucilage and a chocolate biscuit take over for the taste.

A crunchy praline and a touch of caramelized chocolate bring a game textures and leave the taste buds in turmoil!

Simply a treat. Here everything is eaten!

Price: 110 € for 6 people

Reservation from December 6 to 01 48 67 64 97

A family log with Yann Couvreur

The signature Log F amily by YANN COUVREUR – © YANN COUVREUR The holidays wouldn’t have the same flavor without being surrounded by loved ones! The family spirit is fundamental for sharing and more particularly during Christmas!

A symbol very dear to Yann Couvreur, who with this log will delight young and old.

Different materials and textures, with an Ethiopian mocha cream, a crunchy cookie and a tasty coffee caramel.

A treat to feast on with the family!

Price: 89 € Family log for 6 people made up of 5 rocks (from 18 December)

My Beautiful Christmas tree by François Perret

François Perret’s fir log at the Ritz – © Ritz Paris © Bernhard Winkelmann This pretty Christmas rhyme, inspired François Perret, best pastry chef in the world at the Ritz hotel, who created a a nice deliciousness of a log in the form of a conifer.

It has the flavor of chocolate-praline Christmases, where an airy mousse made up of a grand cru of Panam is hidden. % on a toasted almond praline, caramelized, crunchy to perfection.

For the chef, this coniferous log represents “a maximum of volume for a minimum weight” ! A whole program to enjoy it without ulterior motive!

So for gourmets who want to pay attention to their figure for the holidays, they can without complex taste this log, delicious with this mousse fondant and crunchy!

Merry Christmas!

Price: Individual share 16 € – 6 people 105 € 10 people 160 €

Individual share on sale from December 4 95 at the Ritz Paris Le Comptoir (to be enjoyed on site or to take away).

A Racine log for the Peninsula

The Racine log by Executive Chef David Bizet. – © The Peninsula Paris For David Bizet, executive chef of the Peninsula and Anne Coruble in charge of pastry making, the Yule log should take on the features of olfactory and visual memories of nature, reminiscent of the crackling embers in the fireplace.

This “Racine” log is presented for tasting with a crunchy chocolate shell, a vanilla ganache dessert infused with grilled apple tree leaf, a cream of raw milk and chocolate from Madagascar applewood smoked, a creamy caramel with notes of apple, all on a crispy cocoa cookie.

A decidedly burning log! Price : 95 € for 6 people

A log in the form of a turkey at the Trianon Palace!

The Christmas Turkey by Eddie Benghanem Trianon Palace – © Waldorf Astoria Versailles – Trianon Palace Hot ahead! The pastry chef, Eddie Benghanem of the Trianon Palace imagined a gourmet gallinaceous, reminder of our childhood, to charm young and old and make us want to eat it without guilt!

Perched on his pot, the little turkey dressed in his hat and apron, accompanied by a turkey, broods a delicious dessert, soft and tasty. A chocolate mousse, a vanilla cream and a soft hazelnut cookie covered with a crispy praline, finally a caramelized hazelnut crumble with a hint of salt.

To your spoons for gourmet moments!

Price: 85 € 6/8 people

Don’t forget my little shoe at Lutétia

Yule log: “Don’t forget my little shoe” by Nicolas Guercio at the Lutetia – © Lutetia Nicolas Guercio, pastry chef at Lutetia imagined a log that would remind him of his childhood and presents his Yule log: “Don’t forget my little shoe” accompanied by an orange symbol of Christmas traditions. This sweetness also refers to the song “Petit Papa Noël” by Tino Rossi.

A soft gluten-free chocolate biscuit, a mandarin jelly and crème brûlée, and an au mousse. dark chocolate 64%,

A nice shoe to eat!

Price : 95 € for 6 people

An elegant Christmas drop at bite into Mandarin Oriental

The Yule log by Pastry Chef Adrien Bozzolo inspired by a Mandarin Oriental “water drop” Christmas ball – © Mathilde de l’Ecotais, Mandarin Oriental, Paris Real tec feat Trompe l’oeil hnique, Adrien, pastry chef at Mandarin Oriental Paris, has created a Christmas ball in the shape of a “drop of water” truly marrying its shapes, adorned with elegant red and white cable patterns (. This dessert refers to a legend of the chef’s native Lorraine, who says that in 1858 a major drought deprived the inhabitants of fruit to adorn the firs and that a glassblower from Goetzenbrück, had the idea of ​​blowing a few glass balls to replace them.

Yuzu, pear and hazelnut are thus in the spotlight in this creation, accompanied by a crispy Piedmont hazelnut and puffed bulgur, hazelnut biscuit and patterns on the log, made from of yuzu fruit paste.

Good tasting!

Price: 98 € 8 limited edition people of 18 to 26 December 1858 on demand 53 h to l ‘advance to 00 70 99 74 00.

An individual log is also available from 1st to 26 December at the price of 15 euros on site and 8 euros to take away.

A fruity log for Guy Martin

Great Vefour – Yule log by Guy Martin – © Guy Martin This year the three-star chef Guy Martin from Grand Véfour, has concocted a log with fruit flavors, delicately balanced between acidity and sweetness.

Vanilla, bergamot and yuzu make up this Christmas treat, accompanied by a madeleine cookie and a bergamot vale cream.

It will refresh the pala is after feasts of all kinds and will end in style a party evening!

Price: 89 € for 6 people

A driftwood log for the Park Hyatt Vendôme

The log by the new pastry chef, Naraé Kim – © Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme Naraé Kim, the new pastry chef at Park Hyatt Vendôme has reinterpreted the Yule log in the form of a log, artistic way.

More realistic than life, this creation uses the ribs of a driftwood log, with beyond that, some young green shoots.

Biscuit and chocolate mousse, with some amarena cherries, and whipped cream light vanilla make up this dessert.

All that’s left to do is taste it!

Price: 80 € for 6/8 people

The Shepherd’s Star for the Brach

Yule log “White star” by Yann Brys Evok group – © EVOK Yann Brys, executive chef of the Evok group, has imagined a creation for these holidays that reminds of Christmas and what better than a star?

Composed of Crunchy honey and cereals, compote of clementines, creamy milk jam, with a soft almond biscuit, this star will quickly find enthusiasts to munch and taste it

Price: 97 €

A log with champagne notes for Royal Champagne

Yule log “MAKE IT POP” by Cédric Servela – © ROYAL CHAMPAGNE Cedric Servela, chef of Royal Champagne wanted to pay tribute to local lands by creating a log marked by conviviality and celebration.

This is how “Make it Pop” illustrates this effervescent moment of grace, adorned with a colorful dress Rosé de saignée champagne, a product rich in character and unique to the region.

Between seasonality and delicacy, the latter consists of a delicate chestnut mousse embellished with a pear insert poached in Rosé de Saig née and two cookies: one for softness and tenderness, the other for crispness, with notes of chestnut.


Price : 85 €

A snowflake for the Four Seasons Megève! “Le Flocon Enneigé” imagined by Anne-Sophie Pic and Jonathan Chapuy Four Seasons Megève – © Four Seasons Megève Anne-Sophie Pic and Jonathan Chapuy pay tribute to the snow-capped peaks that border the hotel and take the imagination!

Dressed in a white color in reference to the purity of snow, this log has been masterfully crafted by the chef with milk of Alp ages, the backbone of this creation.

Tasty creation to taste like a treat at the end of a meal, your taste buds rediscovering the tastes of childhood and immersing you in the world of greed.

White chocolate with the scent of caraway, associated with the soft biscuit and creamy vanilla from Madagascar and Tahiti bring all the smoothness of the log .

The Alpages milk mousse with the subtle Meyer lemon scent adds an airy touch that melts in your mouth!

A Proust madeleine to enjoy with the family!

Price: 105 €

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