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Deli-Hemp: become a franchisee

The tones are clear, the uncluttered decoration highlights the different bottles as well as the flowers presented in a bell like jewelry… Here you are in one of the Deli-Hemp stores which offers CBD-based products. Since its creation in , this sign has flourished in France 70 other stores.

Faced with its many competitors on the market, Deli-Hemp stands out with its in-house design, from A to Z, 96% natural, organic and made in France, from their own products. The CBD sold at Deli-Hemp is guaranteed without THC, nor risk of dependence. Each product is tested and certified in their laboratory to current standards. For the production of the flowers, the brand works with handpicked producers from all over the world. Nothing is left to chance, from cultivating the soil to harvesting techniques. Coveted at all ages, CBD will bring you relaxing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits. It is found in all forms, in flowers, in oils at different concentrations, in vapes, resins, e-liquids, with a promise … well-being and relaxation. You will even have the possibility of making your own oil according to your wishes. Constantly on the lookout for the next innovation, Deli-Hemp imagines new products every month. In the cosmetics department, CBD slips into massage oils, balms and creams for a regenerating, lipid-replenishing and soothing effect! Cats and dogs can also benefit from CBD in the form of oil, distributed to vets.


Want to join the Deli-Hemp adventure by becoming a franchisee?

Today, on 80 stores that the brand has, 64% are franchised. Each week, 2 new stores open on average. If you have the soul of an entrepreneur and you are passionate about hemp, Deli-Hemp gives you all the keys to help you open a CBD shop and become a reseller of the brand. Planning, training, legal framework, stock… From A to Z, from the request to the realization of your project, the installation of your store, the brand supports you at every stage, thanks to its turnkey offer. Once the project is launched, Deli-Hemp will support you and help you sustain your business through the communication of your social networks and your marketing operations, in order to attract future customers.

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