Deezer discreetly raises prices and anger subscribers

Jens Mahnke / Pexels It’s not just telecom operators

who discreetly increase their customers’ plans! The French audio streaming platform Deezer announced to its subscribers in a press release that their package would increase automatically from 17 January 2022. The Deezer Premium package will then drop from 9, 98 euros at , 98 euros while the price of Deezer Famille will change by 3 euros and go from 12, 98 euros at 15, 99 euros. To justify the operation, the legal streaming site indicates that it has added a new option to enrich the subscribers’ package: High Fidelity (HiFi) sound, which gives “a perfect definition of the instruments and a sound better than ever”.

But despite this new experience listening to music, the pill has trouble getting through to subscribers. The latter criticize the tariff increase and the unexpected side of its announcement. Because if this is not the first time that a streaming platform (Netflix, Spotify, etc.) has increased the price of its subscriptions, it is the modus operandi that particularly provokes the anger of consumers. In its press release, Deezer especially praises the qualities of its new option, but the information relating to a price increase does not appear until the end of the message. Especially since this increase is mandatory. The email is rather vague and causes an emotional lift in the subscribers. The tweets below speak for themselves.

A whole text from BlaBla blah, with perlimpinpin powder to slip an increase in subscription.
While in fact it’s already very good like that.

It is not very serious # Deezer

– F4EGX Nicolas (@ F4EGX) December 14, 2021

A pleasure to learn that my subscription # Deezer is increasing while I have not asked … A good fuck up. Thank you @ DeezerFR

– Ronrooon (@ RonR0oon) December 14, 790 Contacted by Capital, Deezer takes on this practice, as explained on France Info by its marketing manager, Louis-Alexis of Gemini. The latter defends the increase by specifying “that after twelve years, the group needs to continue investing in the application, in its content, and for that, it needs its customers”. Louis-Alexis from Gemini also specified that this measure is intended to show solidarity with the French music industry: “This price increase will benefit 18% to artists, authors, composers, producers and performers that we support. (…) Deezer is the number one funder of musical creation in France. We accept this choice, but to develop ourselves, we need to earn a little more money “, he concludes. Explanations that have not convinced all subscribers, some having already decided to leave the ship, as shown in the tweet below.

Good evening @ DeezerFR

, I thought I was getting a gift from your part by reading this email … to Christmas days, telling myself cool I will be able to take advantage of # Deezer

(hifi) … ⬇️

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