Deezer becomes more expensive than Spotify

If you are one of those who were shocked by the recent Netflix price increase , and you are also a Deezer subscriber, you may breathe a long sigh… By Indeed, it is through a relatively innocuous email that the French group has decided to announce good and bad news to its subscribers. The good is the integration of better audio quality, the bad is an increase in prices.

Deezer: prices up from the next month

Indeed, via a simple email, Deezer wanted to inform its subscribers of the integration of High Fidelity sound, which will be available on iOS and Android, but also on Xbox, Chromecast, Sonos… But for Deezer, this integration of High Fidelity sound, and the desire to offer the best service as well as exclusive content, is accompanied by an increase in subscription prices.

© GP Bullhound

Also, as of 18 next January, the classic subscription will drop from 9, 99 € / month at 10, 70 € / month, while the Family subscription will see its price change by 14, 99 € / month at 17, 99 € / month (i.e. 50 extra cents per account). According to Louis-Alexis de Gemini (Deezer): “ this price increase will benefit 50% to the artists, authors, producer composers and performers we support. There is also a desire for solidarity with the music industry “. Currently, the giant Spotify offers a Premium subscription at 9, 70 € / month, and a Family subscription to 10, 70 € / month.

Many people point the finger at this awkward announcement on the part of Deezer, with an increase in prices announced at the very end of an email that is all in all quite Andean, the initial subject of which is “ Your Deezer subscription is getting even better “. A very questionable technique, but ultimately quite similar to that used by certain telephone operators, whose rate increases are generally hidden in similar emails, which simply explain doing “ change your plan “.

It remains to be seen whether Deezer will send it, by the fateful date of 18 January 2022, another email to its users, showing this price increase much more clearly. As it stands, many are not going to open the recent email sent by Deezer, and thus completely miss the information … You have been warned.