Decisive refresher: Decision of the vaccination summit: Four groups should receive a third vaccination in September

Decisive booster dose: Decision of the vaccination summit: 4 groups should receive a third vaccination in September

In September, the first people in this country are to receive a third vaccination against the coronavirus. That was decided on Monday at the vaccination summit. FOCUS Online explains which people are eligible.

All persons who have received two doses of vaccine are currently fully vaccinated against Corona . This should protect you from a serious infection with the coronavirus – actually. Because reports from Israel , where the vaccination campaign is more advanced than in this country, question the long-term protective effect of the corona vaccine.

For this reason, particularly vulnerable groups should receive a booster vaccination from September. The vaccination summit of the health ministers of the federal state confirmed this on Monday. Only the mRNA vaccines from Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna are to be used for this.

FOCUS Online explains why the third-party vaccinations are necessary and which groups of people they should receive in a few weeks.

Vaccination effect could wear off after six months Experts expect a protection boost first in humans should be due whose immune system does not respond so well to a vaccination – for example because of age or illness. And for such risk groups, the vaccinations have been behind the longest since the beginning of the year. This makes them particularly susceptible to a severe course despite being vaccinated.

“As the data collected by the Israeli Ministry of Health already made clear from the practical application, the protective effect of the vaccine against infections and symptomatic diseases decreases six months after the second vaccination,” explained the manufacturers Pfizer and Biontech already in early July in a joint communication . On the basis of the data available so far, it is therefore likely “that a third dose will be required within six to twelve months after the complete vaccination”.

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Spahn plans third vaccination for “low responders” For this reason, risk groups should now receive a booster vaccination. A third vaccination for people with a declining immune system or old age makes sense, said Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn in mid-July. The third vaccination in autumn should be given to nursing home residents and other people who would have to reckon with a severe course of the disease in the event of a coronavirus infection react with a rather low protection, the protection becomes significantly higher with the third vaccination. Elderly people and people with a restricted immune system are primarily considered to be “low responders”. The third vaccination is supposed to require another antibody response from the immune system. The protection against Sars-CoV-2 and especially against more contagious virus variants such as Delta would be even higher, according to Spahn.

Also read: Biontech wants approval for third vaccination: Who could get it in autumn Four Groups should receive the third dose from September All those who are particularly at risk should receive the third vaccination. These are primarily these four groups:

1. Elderly people

In the case of older people, the vaccination may not have such a strong immune response triggers like with younger ones. This also explains why outbreaks had already occurred in various nursing homes despite vaccinations in the past few months.

In order to better understand this phenomenon, a research team at Charité recently had such an outbreak in one Berlin facility analyzed and the immune response of older people to the vaccination examined. The results published in the specialist journal ” Emerging Infectious Diseases ” indicate a delay and slightly reduced immune response in the elderly. For this reason, it makes sense to give older people a third vaccine soon.

More on the subject: After outbreaks in nursing homes: researchers now know why people who were vaccinated also fell ill 2. Organ transplant patients

In May a US study showed that vaccinations in patients who have to take permanently immunosuppressive drugs after organ transplants only have a limited effect . Even after the second dose of an mRNA vaccine, only about half of the approximately 650 examined patients for the increase in antibodies to Sars-CoV-2.

If an organ is transplanted, patients must take medication for life that prevent the body from rejecting the foreign organ. One speaks here of immunosuppressants, the preparations suppress the defense reaction of the immune system. This makes patients more susceptible to infections and the effectiveness of vaccines is also weakened. This was also confirmed by Stiko boss Thomas Mertens at the end of June. So far there are only preliminary data. These showed, however, “that the immune response, depending on the immunosuppression, can be much worse in organ transplant recipients. It is then only with 50 percent. “

With such a lack of immune protection, a relatively short-term re-vaccination would be recommended. Such patients also belong to the group of people addressed by Spahn, who are to receive their third corona vaccination from late summer.

Infectiologist : “Without herd immunity there will be no life like before Corona” 3. Cancer patients

Cancer patients also often take drugs that suppress the immune response. An antibody study recently indicated that their immune response is better than feared. How effective the corona vaccines are for you in your individual disease situation, however, cannot yet be answered with certainty according to the German Cancer Research Center. The same also applies to a corona vaccination under certain cancer therapies such as chemotherapy.

Because people whose immune system is severely suppressed by the cancer or cancer therapy are not represented among the subjects of the previous approval studies. Experts assume that the Vaccination in people with impaired or suppressed immune system only partially effective is.

Oncologists even spoke out in April in favor of giving those affected a second dose of vaccine earlier. Cancer patients should receive the second dose just three weeks after the first vaccination, explained researchers from Francis Crick Institute in London after comparing the antibody levels of cancer patients with those of healthy people after vaccination. In addition to an early second vaccination, it also seems logical to give these risk patients a third vaccination.

4 . Rheumatism patients

The immune response to the Covid is reduced – 19 – Vaccination, according to Stiko boss Thomas Mertens, also for rheumatoid patients. As the German Rheumatism League writes, most rheumatism patients develop protective antibodies after vaccination – but the antibody formation seems to be somewhat less pronounced than in healthy people. The league refers to the first study results.

The The German Society for Rheumatology , on the other hand, assumes that the majority of drugs do not endanger the success of the vaccination. An exception is the drug rituximab, which should be given longer after the vaccination if possible. However, the specialist society advises against generally stopping or taking a break. Rheumatism patients could therefore also be among the groups who receive a third vaccination first.

Israel and Russia are already administering the third dose In addition to Germany, Great Britain is also planning to start third-party vaccinations from September. In Israel, immunocompromised people can already be vaccinated against the coronavirus with a third dose.

Israeli Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz told Kan that the vaccine from the provider Moderna is available for such patients who have already been vaccinated twice Disposal. The virus will “be with us for a long time”. With the help of a “corona routine” you have to find a way to live in your shadow without excessive restrictions.

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