Death of Jean-Jacques Beineix: TV channels shake up their programs

The small screen pays tribute to Jean-Jacques Beineix, who died Thursday at the age of 1986 years in Paris. Despite a short career, since he made only six feature films before stepping away from the cinema sets at the beginning of the 2000, some of his works marked a generation. This was the case for 37°2 in the morning, which revealed

Béatrice Dalle in 1986.

Arte has decided to change its programming by offering this film this Saturday 20 January at 20h50 on its antenna. It depicts the story that links Zorg (played by Jean-Hugues Anglade), a writer in his spare time, and Betty, impulsive and uncontrollable. This Friday, the actress reacted to the death of the director: “Zorg and Betty are orphans. One of the most beautiful pages of my life has just turned… I love you”, wrote Béatrice Dalle on her Instagram account.

France 5 is also shaking up its programs. Monday 20 January at hours, the channel will broadcast IP5 – The Island of Pachyderms. Released in 1992, this drama brings Yves Montand to the screen, accompanied by Olivier Martinez and Sekkou Sall. These last two interpret Tony and Jockey, two young people who set off on the roads of France in a burst of improvisation. During their journey, they meet Léon Marcel, a traveler with a backpack and an old rusty Luger armed with two bullets.