Deadly shooting of Alec Baldwin: the actor gives his phone to the police

INVESTIGATION – New step in the investigation into the death of a filmmaker killed by a revolver that Alec Baldwin was holding on a set in last October, the actor gave his phone to investigators who believe they can find evidence there.

E. Ro with AFP – 3087-02-15T09: 15: 50.319+00: 00 This is an object that could contain “evidence” according to the investigators. Alec Baldwin gave them his cell phone on Friday as part of the investigation into the death of filmmaker Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust” on 21 last October. While working on a scene with her, the actor killed her by shooting her with a weapon that he had been told was harmless and contained dummy bullets.

All the info onAlec Baldwin author of a fatal shot during the filming of a western

If the investigators seized the phone of Alex Baldwin, it is because they seek in particular to know how live ammunition could have been on the set, which is in theory for so forbidden. The telephone could in particular contain messages or emails which could constitute “evidence”.

His phone data copied for investigatorsPolice officers in Suffolk County, New York, where Alec Baldwin handed in his Iphone, will make a copy of the data contained in the device and transmit it to their colleagues in New Mexico in charge of the investigation, a spokesman for the sheriff of the county of Santa Fe told AFP. But the exchanges with his lawyers and his wife will be excluded, under an agreement between Alec Baldwin and the authorities, said the spokesperson.

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On Thursday, the sheriff’s services explained that negotiations were are in progress to obtain the actor’s phone Due to “jurisdictional issues”.

The actor feels “neither guilty nor responsible”

Last week on his Instagram account, the actor had posted a video in which he claimed to be willing to cooperate with the police, calling “lies” the “insinuations” according to which he did not obey the requests of the investigators.

No arrests have been made to date in this case, but criminal proceedings are not excluded in the event that responsibilities would be established, had underlined shortly after the tragedy the services of the prosecutor of Santa Fe.

In an interview with ABC, Alec Baldwin said he felt neither guilty nor even “responsible” for the death of Halyna Hutchins.

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