Davide Astori, the judge: “The error in the diagnosis prevented the player from saving the life”

Professor Giorgio Galanti, Fiorentina sports doctor, made a diagnostic error that prevented Davide Astori from saving the life. “With his conduct the accused prevented the assessment of the disease, having omitted the first necessary act”. This is what the gup of Florence Angelo Antonio Pezzuti claims, in the sentence with which he sentenced the sports doctor Galanti to one year of imprisonment (suspended sentence), accused of manslaughter for the death of the Fiorentina player Davide Astori, found lifeless. on the morning of March 4th 2018 in his hotel room in Udine while he was with the team. Astori, it was confirmed by doctors, died of cardiac arrest due to an arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy.

According to the sentence, Professor Galanti, defended in court by the lawyer Siegfried Fenyes, allegedly committed “a diagnostic error “deciding not to carry out further checks despite the ventricular ectopic beats that emerged repeatedly during the annual stress tests to which the Fiorentina captain was subjected.

Basically, according to the reasons for the sentence, Galanti – former director of the Sports Medicine of Careggi, the last to have visited Astori – dismissed the presence of ventricular ectopic beats during the stress test as “normal”, and did so “without having performed adequate clinical instrumental tests aimed at excluding an underlying cardiac pathology to nail of sudden death “. Galanti omitted, as a first step, to subject the player to holter monitoring, an “expected and advisable” examination, according to the protocols.

In the sentence, the judge partially disputes the conclusions of the appointed experts . “The experts – he says – added that the suspension of sporting activity would certainly slow down the progression of the disease, in any case it would not have ruled out cardiac arrest with certainty”. “This argument – says Pezzuti – does not appear to be acceptable”. “A correct diagnosis – he continues -, carried out at the end of all the necessary investigations, would have involved the installation of a defibrillation system and this would have excluded the death of the player”. Galanti’s defense will appeal.

At the trial of first instance, the doctor, in addition to the one-year sentence, was sentenced to pay salaries for over one million euros in favor of family members, including the footballer’s partner, Francesca Fioretti, the couple’s daughter, the footballer’s parents and siblings. The calculation of the amount of the compensation has been delegated to the civil judge.

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