Daily: 5 things to know about the show presented by Yann Barthès

1. Yann Barthes does not see the reports before the broadcast

And he does not do it out of laziness, on the contrary. He does not participate in the 9h morning editorial conference 30 because he wants to be as fresh as possible at the time of the broadcast and ask the most questions. natural. Spontaneity is the key to the tone of the program.

2. Daily is not quite live

This is called “time-delay” or slight delay. Basically, there is a delay of 5 minutes between the recording and the broadcast of the show. Why are we doing this? It is a valve which provides a safety net in the event of a major live problem, and leaves time for the management to regain control of the time …

This is called “cleaning” in the jargon. But the prod ensures never to reassemble the emission.

3. The Quotidien Logo is not just a simple Q.

If you look quickly you will see a nice multicolored Q, direct tribute in the name of the show… but that’s not all. Take a step back, and now imagine that the Q in question is actually a… mic. An emblematic figure in reports, the microphone is the hallmark of Quotidien. It had to be placed too!

4. Yann Barthès is nicknamed Complicus

By his relatives or by his collaborators, it is the nickname that circulates reveals Gala. Why ? Because he is very professional, and very methodical in the job. He’s on the lookout for the smallest detail every time, which can make him a bit… boring. He rehearses his interviews and writes all his texts alone. But that’s also the key to success, work.

5. Quotidien was not always called Quotidien

It’s not a scoop, but for the youngest, Quotidien existed before on Canal Plus and it was called the Petit Journal. Since 2011, Yann Barthès has been at the head of the format, first in voice-over then then facing cam.

He is also the one who co-produces the program with his company called Bangumi. And Bangumi, that means: “TV show”… in Japanese, the great passion of Yann Barthès.