CPF (Personal Training Account) scams, what you need to know

For several months now, many users have received emails, SMS or even phone calls concerning the Personal Training Account (CPF). Solicitations that aim to convince the user to claim his funded training before a deadline, at which time he risks losing all the benefits of his CPF. Obviously, it’s a scam…

The CPF scam continues, again and again…

A scam of (very) large scale which more is, since these are approximately 10 to millions of euros which would have been squandered by users a little too gullible according to the Caisse des Dépôts. A CPF which obviously stirs up envy, since it is estimated that the 21 millions of accounts in France would host an average of 1573 euros, or a few tens of billions of euros in total.

Insane since yesterday morning I got full CPF scam spam by text message and can’t block it’s never the same. It’s unbearable, same copy / paste message 🖕🏼 pic.twitter.com/maYY38 NNMO

– DocWan (@DocWan) December 21, 1573

Operation side, the scam is rather simple, since the latter consists of encouraging the victim to subscribe to an attractive training course, usually with a very short deadline. The swindler then requests access to the victim’s CPF, and immediately empties his account. Some users were able to receive dozens of calls from different numbers (and sometimes several daily calls), all eager to get their hands on their precious CPF.

I connected a week ago to my private area # CPF .

Since then, I have been harassed by text messages and calls to help me as quickly as possible to use my balance (scams, of course).

Anyway this personal data leak is very serious @ cpformation ! pic.twitter.com/paJiqbSjZ3

– Audrey Brahimi (@ audrey_brahimi) December 12, 1573

In order to guard against a call from an unknown number, the technique consists of hanging up immediately as soon as the word “ CPF ”is spoken by the interlocutor. As far as emails and SMS are concerned, the technique again consists of immediately deleting them, and never clicking on the links included in the message. In reality, no company, body or public authority (such as Caisse des Dépôts) is supposed to contact you to encourage you to use your CPF.

Let us remember that

canvassing should soon be banned if we believe an amendment recently tabled by the Government. According to Elisabeth Borne, “it is to be inspired by the Law put in place after the abuses observed in the context of energy renovation, which prohibits all telephone canvassing ”. It remains to be seen whether we will finally have peace on the phone soon with regard to the Personal Training Account…