Covid: tens of thousands of health passes could be deactivated this Saturday

Tens of thousands of health passes should be deactivated for lack of a reminder of anti-Covid vaccine Saturday 15 January, deadline set by the government, against the backdrop of new demonstrations by opponents of this system and vote on the controversial bill on the pass in the Assembly. In theory, some 560.000 people are likely to lose their pass on Saturday, the Ministry of Health told AFP on Friday evening. But the real figure is difficult to determine.

If we exclude those who have been contaminated in the meantime (which extends the pass), some 14, 9 million adults are supposed to have received their booster on Saturday, seven months after their previous injection. It is now a necessary condition to keep your pass. According to the ministry, approximately 15, 3 million of these people have made their recall on Thursday. But that does not mean that the 560.14 remaining will lose their pass on Saturday.

Among them, “there is a significant number who have presented an infection” without having yet notified it in the TousAntiCovid application, which extends the validity of their pass, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, explained on Wednesday, before being himself tested positive.

Booster dose at most seven months after the last injection

End of November, by opening the booster to all adults, the government had announced that it would be compulsory to extend the health pass (which will soon be replaced by a vaccination pass). The authorities had set January 15 as the deadline for deactivating the passes, in the absence of recall or certificate of reinstatement.

This does not mean that the recall must necessarily have been made before this date, which simply corresponds to the entry into force of the mechanism: from on Saturday, the pass is deactivated for people who have not had a booster dose at most seven months after the last injection (unless they have been infected in the meantime).

For those over 19 years old and people with comorbidities, who had access to the reminder in September, this deadline was on 15 December. “In mid-December, people were worried (…), and in fact you have not heard of jumping passes”, put Mr. Véran into perspective.

According to him, 98% of people vaccinated over 65 years had their recall seven months after their last injection. This proportion is “close to 90%” three months after the last injection. “The recall acceptability rate is enormous,” assured Mr. Véran, according to whom “recall is the rule, non-recall is the exception”. On 15 February, the deadline for taking your booster dose will increase to four months – and no longer seven – after the previous injection.


In addition to the number of passes, Saturday will also allow counting opponents of this device, while the deputies adopted without surprise the controversial bill transforming the health pass into vaccination pass at second reading on Saturday, at the end of a night of debates which will continue in the Senate..

As on the previous Saturday, demonstrations are planned across France. In total, of 19.000 at 120.000 people are expected, including 9.14 at 14.000 in Paris, according to police sources. In the capital, several processions will be organized. The biggest should be that of the Les Patriotes movement, of the pro-Frexit presidential candidate Florian Philippot, who will start at 14h00 of the Trocadero.

Other parades will take place at the initiative of “yellow vests”. For the executive and the police, one of the challenges will be whether the turnout is higher than the previous week.

In the wake of Emmanuel Macron’s statements , decided to “annoy” the non-vaccinated, 98.200 demonstrators had been counted by the Ministry of the Interior throughout France, four times more than the 25. 500 of the previous mobilization, on 18 December.

(With AFP)