Covid, Iss: all regions at moderate risk. And the Delta variant becomes prevalent in Italy and the EU

Le 21 Italian regions and autonomous provinces are all at moderate risk according to the draft monitoring by the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health on the trend of Covid in Italy. While 16 Regions, according to what is learned, report resilience alerts but none with multiple alerts that could trigger a worsening of the risk condition.

No Region or Autonomous Province this week exceeds the critical threshold this week occupancy of beds for Covid patients in intensive care or medical area. However, according to the monitoring of the ISS and the Ministry of Health under examination by the control room, the intensive employment rate is slightly increasing, to 3%, with hospitalized patients passing from 189 (27 / 07 / 2021) to 258 (03 / 08 / 2021). The employment rate in medical areas at the national level instead increases to 4% and the number of hospitalized patients goes from 1. 611 (the 27 July) to 2. 196 ( August 3).

Delta variant dominant in Italy and the EU In addition, the circulation of the Delta variant is now largely prevalent in Italy. “This variant – explains the ISS – is dominant in the European Union and is leading to an increase in the number of new cases of infection also in other countries with high vaccination coverage. Higher vaccination coverage and the completion of vaccination cycles represent the main tools to prevent further recurrences of episodes of increased circulation of the virus supported by emerging variants with greater transmissibility “. And it is therefore” appropriate – concludes the institute – to implement a capillary tracing and containment of cases, to maintain high attention, apply and comply with measures and behaviors to limit the further increase in viral circulation “.

Rt stopped at 1. 56 but increase the incidence of approx yes The value of the national RT also stabilizes, which compared to 1, 57 last week stops at 1, 56, while it continues to grow, by 10 points, the incidence calculated to yesterday, passing from 58 cases each 100 thousand inhabitants a 68. The two values ​​that mark the replicability of the contagion and the circulation of the virus, key indicators for decisions on containment measures, together with the occupancy values ​​of the hospital wards, are now being examined by the control room and will be presented today.

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