Covid: alert on the risks of disorganization in key sectors in January

Posted on 23 Dec. 2021 at 14: 02 Updated on 23 Dec. 2021 at 14: 04

What impact of the Omicron variant on France? The Scientific Council, chaired by Professor Jean-François Delfraissy wanted, a little more than a month after the emergence of the Omicron variant and with the approach of the end-of-year celebrations, to take stock of the state of knowledge and the major questions that still remain to be asked about its impact.

He notably recalled that Omicron is much more transmissible than Delta and will be “dominant in the days to come in France”. He also insisted on “protection against severe forms” after ” the third dose” of vaccination . Among the people hospitalized due to Covid, for infection by the Omicron variant, there are not, to date, among them, people who have already received 3 doses of the vaccine. “It is a major strategy tool, effective protection against severe forms. »

Very many contaminations and contact cases expected

On the other hand, if its severity is “probably lower” than that of Delta, “we do not yet know the level of severity”. Nor, therefore, the possible impact on hospital services. And then, and this is a “very new” phenomenon, underlined Jean-François Delfraissy, but the Scientific Council warned of the “societal disorganization in January” due to the very many contaminations and cases of contacts expected with an “impact on public and private services ”.

While France recorded more than 84. 000 cases on Wednesday and that the number of cases with Omicron – which will be dominant in France by the end of the year – doubles every two or three days, “several hundred thousand cases per day” are expected in January, warned the Scientific Council. Jean-François Delfraissy also specified that there would obviously be among these cases many asymptomatic patients or with few symptoms.

But “in the context of this lightning, the massive spread of contamination, with an expected 6-figure incidence, this poses a subject that the English are beginning to see emerge in a strong way with the rules of isolation, explained Olivier Guérin. , doctor of the CHU de Nice. Problems will arise in the strategic sectors, health, food distribution, transport, energy, security… ”

The question of the rules of ‘isolation

The Scientific Council, once the data on the gravity of Omicron has been consolidated, raises the question of isolation rules with, opposite, that of the “structural difficulties” that many sectors will have to operate.

“This is a question that will affect all of society, a complex question,” added Professor Arnaud Fontanet. We have to get used to the fact that in January, we are operating in degraded mode. We have to think about the essential sectors. At school, with 1 third of teachers possibly affected directly and indirectly. There will be adjustments to be made depending on the clinical severity, tests to be done on contagiousness. Adjustments which will also depend on the functions occupied, for example in the hospital. There are possibly necessary relaxations, with at the same time an increase in respect for barrier gestures. But this is going to be a very significant question for the whole of society. ”