Covid-19: the wearing of a compulsory mask outdoors in Paris suspended by the courts

Rawpixel. com/Adobe Stock Already the end of the mandatory mask outdoors? The Administrative Court of Paris suspended, Thursday 10 January, a prefectural decree which made it compulsory to wear a mask outdoors in the French capital since 31 December, AFP learned from jurisdiction. This decision comes the day after that of the administrative court of Versailles, which had suspended a similar decree concerning the department of Yvelines, in the south-west of the capital, a first on the national territory. This court had considered that the measure carried “an excessive, disproportionate and inappropriate attack (…) on individual freedom”.

The decision concerning this decree of the capital’s police headquarters, put in place to deal with the emergence of Omicron variant

, will be published on Friday, added the administrative court of Paris. Requested by AFP, the police headquarters reserved its response to the receipt of the decision.

“Neither necessary nor strictly proportionate”

“As it was neither necessary nor strictly proportionate, the administrative court wished to suspend the decree”, for his part commented to AFP Me Jean-Baptiste Soufron, who pleaded for the suspension of this decree.

As in many countries, infections in France have experienced a meteoric rise under the pressure of the Omicron variant , extremely contagious. At the beginning of the month, the government adopted new restrictive measures, such as wearing a mask in transport from the age of 6, and many departments or cities, such as in the Paris region or in Lyon, have imposed the return of the mandatory mask in the street.

The government is also striving to have Parliament adopt the transformation of the health pass, accessible even with a negative test, by a vaccination pass equivalent to a virtual obligation to vaccinate.

President Emmanuel Macron declared wanting to “fuck the non-vaccinated”, in an interview published last week, and interpreted by analysts as deliberately polemical to push its right-wing competitors to their limits nts 3 months from the presidential election. In return, these are antipass and antivax demonstrations in net revival which took place last weekend, with nearly 19.000 people in Paris.

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