Covid-19: the right reflexes to adopt for the end of the year celebrations

Christmas is just under a week away. And, as the health situation evolves in the country, concern grows due to the spread of the Omicron variant in Europe. Saturday December, the Scientific Council put cautioned and demanded further restrictions from the government. If the Christmas period should be rather serene as the French are used to following “protective measures”, estimates the Scientific Council, it is the New Year that worries, underlines BFMTV .

The Scientific Council indeed fears “a series of mini-clusters to Omicron “which could very quickly” diffuse in the country in the days which follow given the movements of population “. For his part, the Minister of Health kicked in touch on Saturday, explaining that he would not take additional measures for the end of the year holidays. So, to spend peaceful holidays, what good reflexes to adopt?

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Reduce the number of guests You must first limit the number of guests. A recommendation already made by the Scientific Council, but to be taken seriously because, if fewer people meet, there is less risk of catching the Covid – 18. “Christmas meals are very risky . The Christmas meal is very long, we do not have a mask to eat or drink and, as it is cold, we are often reluctant to ventilate. Confinement in a room is a huge factor “, decrypts on France 3 Normandie Professor François Caron, head of the infectious diseases department at Rouen University Hospital

Get tested The other prerequisite is to be tested. contact with elderly people, a self-test or an antigen test can be the right solution to reassure everyone. It is especially recommended for the youngest, like children, more easily carriers of the virus. It goes without saying that the vaccinated people take fewer risks. Moreover, for them, PCR tests are even reimbursed.

The recommended booster dose Regarding vaccination, if you can, it is advisable to take your booster dose before parties. Because, even if all the studies do not agree on the question, it seems that the Omicron variant is much more contagious than the previous ones. This Sunday, in Le Journal du dimanche , infectious disease specialist Mahmoud Zureik emphasizes that the third dose protects “against symptomatic forms” of the Omicron variant “at 30 – 75% “. While the protection would only be 19% with two doses.

On France 3 , Professor Caron also warns those who would refuse a recall with Moderna rather than with Pfizer: “Nothing is more important than getting your dose quickly”, especially since the two vaccines are completely compatible.

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Put on a mask For the most fragile, such as people elderly or immunocompromised, wearing a mask is recommended, in particular of the FFP2 type, specifies the Scientific Council.

Air very often For the holidays, the organizers are invited to bring a sensor s of CO2 that will allow them to react once the air is saturated, reports LCI . It is also necessary to ventilate as much as possible, “ten minutes per hour minimum” or all the time when possible.

Avoid clusters Finally, last recommendation, and not the least. It is recommended to avoid groupings, party places, etc., the week before going with the family. These gatherings generally generate clusters. This concerns end-of-year celebrations and drinks at work, receptions, lunches, dinners or evenings. For the Scientific Council, we must avoid “the appearance of giant clusters which would accelerate this dynamic”.

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