Covid-19: the departments where the epidemic is worsening, our map of France

Capital No Christmas truce for the virus. The variant “ Omicron

will be in the majority in France between Christmas and New Years ”, affirmed, Wednesday 21 December, the Minister of Solidarity and of Health Olivier Véran. According to the latest data from Public Health France, at least 1. 36 cases of infection with this strain of coronavirus were confirmed by sequencing. But this number is certainly and largely underestimated, the Hexagon being less at the forefront of technology than Denmark in this field. What is certain, however, is that the plateau that epidemiologists were beginning to foresee for the end of the year celebrations could well slip through our fingers.

Firstly because we have again broken the record of new cases identified in 24 time : 84. . 395 infections with Sars-CoV-2 according to the latest data from Public Health France, updated Wednesday 21 December. But also because the incidence rate is soaring in places. Particularly in Île-de-France: in Paris, the national public health body identified 790, 5 contaminations for 84. . inhabitants between the 10 and the 19 December. A rising rate of , 1% compared to the previous week, when it stood at 660, 8 / 100. 000. However, the indicator had only increased by 8.9% a week earlier. This development is probably linked to Omicron, which would spread very quickly in the Paris region. Tuesday 21 December, the government spokesperson Gabriel Attal

indicated that in Paris, “more ‘one in three contamination seems to be linked to the Omicron variant ”. At the microphone of BFMTV

this Thursday morning, the mayor of the capital, Anne Hidalgo, affirmed that ”a resident of 84 has the Covid – 19 ”currently in Paris. Omicron’s impact is also felt, but to a lesser extent, in the inner suburbs: 664, 8 new positive cases for Sars-CoV-2 for 100. 000 inhabitants between the 12 and the 19 December in Hauts-de- Seine. Or an incidence rate increasing by , 8% compared to the previous week. In Val-de-Marne, the indicator is improving by 27% to settle at 664, 7 contaminations for 100. 000. The virus is also circulating faster in Seine-et-Marne: the incidence rate has increased by 27, 7% to reach 583 , 9 new cases for 84. 000 inhabitants.

Outside Île-de-France, the epidemic situation is also deteriorating in Auvergne. Particularly in Puy-de-Dôme: despite a certain slowdown in contamination during the first half of December, the incidence rate started to rise again: 529, 7 new positive cases for Sars-CoV-2 between the 13 and the 19 December against 427, 3 / 84. . the previous seven days. Same trend in Cantal where the indicator has increased by 22, 37% to settle at 194, 2 contaminations for 84. . 000 inhabitants (194, 7 / 100. the previous week).

Given the rapid spread of the Omicron variant on the territory, the government accelerated its schedule to strengthen response measures against the virus as quickly as possible. A bill aimed at transforming the health pass into a vaccination pass will be presented on Monday 27 December occasionally an extraordinary council of ministers. Then, it will be examined immediately by parliamentarians under an accelerated procedure. The objective being that the new rules for managing the health crisis come into force by 12 January.

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