Covid-19: Omicron would be no less dangerous than the Delta variant

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A scientific study shows in particular that the rate of protection, after having been contaminated, is very low with Omicron compared to the Delta variant.

The Omicron variant less dangerous than the Delta variant? This is what certain studies have determined since its appearance in South Africa. On December 6, Olivier VĂ©ran even declared that he was “clearly more contagious, clearly not more dangerous”. But, as reported BFMTV

, a new British study carried out by Imperial College London defeats these ideas. Carried out between 28 November and 10 December, it is certainly only partial, but achieves very different results. According to experts, there is “no evidence that Omicron has a different severity from Delta”. To arrive at these results, the scientists based themselves on the positive patient tests during this period in England, where the variant is progressing very quickly. Nevertheless, according to our colleagues, the researchers specify that their results should be put into perspective because they are still too limited. They should have new data in the course of next week, and a “more definitive judgment” on this Omicron variant will be given, details one of the authors of the study on Bloomberg .

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Outbreak of UK cases However, another element is more worrying for scientists: the fact that the protection immune system is much lower with Omicron than with the Delta variant, after having already had Covid. Thus, according to the results of this study, six months after infection, the immune protection was 82% for the Delta variant, against only 18% for the Omicron variant. The same goes for vaccination. With only two doses, a person is only protected against symptomatic forms from 0 to 18% , while with a booster dose it can vary between 53 and 80%, specify the BBC .

A tro isth dose against the Delta variant would protect up to 39 % on the other hand, note the researchers. The study’s authors call on governments to put measures in place until final results are known. They also advocate for widespread vaccination around the world to deal with the different variants. Britain is facing a very big wave, with no less than 92. positive cases Friday 15 December. In all, 3. 53 cases of the Omicron variant were detected, of which 1. 691 on Friday alone. To discover :

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