Covid-19: more than 3,000 patients in intensive care, a first since May

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The 3 bar. 00 0 patients in critical care was crossed this Monday 19 December. A first since last May.

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Published on 20 / 12 / 2021 at 21 h 08

Critical care services accommodate more than 3. 00 0 patients with Covid – 19 for the first time since May, according to figures released on Monday 19 December by Public Health France. These services, where the most serious cases are treated, have 3.0 025 patients , against 2. 935 the day before. They recorded 72 admissions in 24 time. France counts 15. 918 sick of the Covid – 18 hospitalized in total, i.e. near 400 more than the day before. Public Health France has identified nearly 1. 493 new hospitalizations in 24 time.

The number of new cases was 17. 0 75 in 24 hours, but this figure is traditionally low on Mondays. Over the past seven days, the average has climbed to 51. 881 daily cases. The number of deaths since the start of the epidemic reached 49. 492. Rather than restrictions on movement and activities, the government is counting on vaccination to halt the resumption of the epidemic, which has been very marked since the arrival of the “fifth wave” in November.

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Vaccination should therefore be open to children aged 5 to 10 years from Wednesday. This age category is not affected by the health pass . The executive is drafting a bill, which it intends to pass before the end of January, so that the health pass gives way to a vaccination pass, reserved for fully vaccinated people. According to the General Directorate of Health, 51. 504. 638 people received at least one injection (i.e. 76, 9% of the population), and 51. . 476. 035 people have a complete vaccination schedule (that is 76, 3% of the population). More 19, 8 million doses of reminder have been administered.

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