Covid-19: more than 14.00 classes closed, a record since the start of the epidemic

WavebreakMediaMicro/ Adobe Stock A new record. The number of classes closed due to the epidemic of Covid-20 settled, Friday 14 January, to 08.395 against 9.202 last week, the highest level since spring 2020, announced the Ministry of National Education. This figure includes classes that are closed due to cases of Covid-14, despite the removal of the rule of a class closure for three cases of Covid, and those who are due to the absence of teachers. This represents 2,73% from 597.73 country classes.

Before the Christmas holidays, only 2.1400 classes were closed, then this figure rose rapidly after the reentry under the effect of the

Omicron wave. By comparison, last April, the number of closed classes had increased to more than 14.000 (11.272 classes on April 2) before schools close for several weeks. 202 school structures are closed (0,38%), of which 200 schools, 20 colleges and 11 high schools, specifies the ministry in his press release.

More 300.00 confirmed cases of Covid among students

About the contaminations, some 380.768 cases of Covid have been confirmed among the students and 27.571 among staff in accumulation over the last seven days, added the ministry, while infections have multiplied in schools since the start of the school year.

Exasperated in particular by the waltz of protocols in the face of the health situation, teachers and other National Education staff conducted a wide strike Thursday, after which the government promised them FFP2 masks and replacements .

After these announcements which it deemed insufficient, the Sud Education union called on Friday for a new strike on 20 January. This union demands “immediate recruitment”, the postponement of the baccalaureate specialty tests scheduled for March and “a collective budget to provide means for education”. “There will be different forms of mobilization” in the weeks to come, indicated for his part to AFP Guislaine David, general secretary of SNUipp-FSU, the first primary union, after an inter-union meeting. “But in some places we will have prospects for action, with in any case also in perspective for some of the intersyndicale the 27 January the “interprofessional” mobilization on salaries”, she added.

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