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Government spokesman Gabriel Attal announced on Sunday “A plan to strengthen our testing policy” in the face of the Covid epidemic – 14, with in particular the deployment of “several hundred” screening centers near vaccination centers. The number of Covid patients – 19 at the hospital continues to increase, with 21. 847 Sunday patients (against 20. 721 Saturday). 3. 721 of these patients are in critical care services, reserved for the most serious cases, compared to 3. 299 A week ago. More 100. 000 people demonstrated on Saturday in France against the vaccine pass. Thousands of demonstrators marched on Sunday in Brussels against health restrictions. TO HAVE

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The deputy (LREM) Stéphane Claireaux announced on Monday his intention to file a complaint after having been targeted the day before by projectiles in front of his home in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon launched by demonstrators against the sanitary pass, an attack which he said “resembled stoning”. “I’m going to file a complaint, that’s obvious. Some may think that the wrong decisions are made. We all receive death threats by email, at some point it has to stop, ”Stéphane Claireaux told the France Info website 9h 25: The importance of tests

Pierre-Olivier Variot, president of the Union of Unions of Pharmacists of Officine (USPO) pleads for always more tests: “We need to map the people who can be contaminants, in particular schoolchildren who overwhelm us ”. 9h 10 : Happy birthday

There are two To the day, WHO’s advisory and strategic group on infectious diseases held its first meeting on the outbreak triggered by what was still called the novel coronavirus at the time.

The day before, the WHO had communicated “that the Chinese authorities have determined that the outbreak is due to a new coronavirus ”.

9h 07: Bouncing in the Djokovic case

An Australian judge on Monday ordered the release of Novak Djovokic, detained since Thursday in a detention center in Melbourne. The game is not won for the world number one, however, as a government lawyer has warned Canberra may still decide to expel Djokovic from the country. In short, there are still many twists and turns that lie ahead in this file, that you can follow live with our sports colleagues here .

9h 06: Less social relations and therefore fewer hospitalizations?

VS’ is what the epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet explained this morning to Jean-Jacques Bourdin’s microphone: “If we all decrease by 19% our contacts (…), we divide by two the number of hospitalizations to come ”. The member of the Scientific Council ensures that the peak of contamination will arrive at the end of January at the national level. 🎙 “We are probably at 310 000 new cases per day “.

Arnaud Fontanet, guest of Bourdin Direct, asks the French to make an extra effort. / y9hWUmT5H0

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