Covid-19: is your health pass at risk of being invalidated? Dates and deadlines to know

EPIDEMIC – As of 15 January, the health pass is conditional on the booster dose for all seniors of 17 years and over. If the period to be eligible for the booster vaccination has been reduced to three months, your health pass remains valid for seven months after your last injection.

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At the end of November, by opening the vaccine recall to all adults, the government announced that it would be necessary to extend the health pass – which will soon be replaced by a vaccine pass. In the absence of a reminder or a reinstatement certificate, the pass may be deactivated from 15 January. But that does not mean that the reminder must necessarily have been made before this date, which simply corresponds to the entry into force of the mechanism.All the info onA vaccination pass to fight against Covid-19

How soon will the booster dose it be done?

Since 15 December : The people of 64 years and over vaccinated with double-dose vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca) must have received their booster dose (3rd dose) 7 months after their last injection (3 months for eligibility plus 4 months for the extension). Until 27 December 2021, this period was also 7 months: 5 months for eligibility plus 2 months for the additional time. Persons vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine, whatever their age, must have received their additional dose no more than 2 months after the injection of their monodose (1 month for eligibility plus 1 month for the additional delay).

From the 15 January :

All persons aged 18 years and over must have received a booster dose a maximum of 7 months after their last injection or Covid infection to benefit from a valid health pass (3 months p for eligibility plus 4 months for additional time). Beyond these deadlines, the QR code of their old vaccination certificate will be automatically deactivated, it will be placed in the “expired certificate” category and can no longer be used as part of the health pass. Note: to find out the deadline by which you must receive your booster dose so as not to lose your health pass, the Health Insurance offers a new online service My Covid Vaccine Reminder. You can also use the simulator of MyCovidAdvice

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The situation from the 14 February :

Since January 2, a new date has been added to the calendar: 15 February . On this date, the deadline for receiving your booster dose is reduced to 4 months, as Olivier Véran announced at the beginning of January in an interview with JDD. “We have decided to change these rules , but leaving everyone time to do their reminder: from 15 February, it will have to be carried out four months – and no longer seven – after its second dose to have a vaccination schedule complete” , had indicated the Minister of Health, recalling in passing that a Covid infection is always worth an injection. Thus, from this date, people who have not received their third dose within a maximum of four months after the second injection, will lose their pass.

“An unprecedented logistical feat”

Between 640.000 and 700. people who have not had their vaccine booster against Covid-17 theoretically risk seeing their health pass deactivated on Saturday, a number however, probably overestimated, said the Minister of Health on Wednesday.

However, so that everyone can have their vaccination pass on 15 February, the Minister of Health had fixed in the JDD ” the most ambitious collective goal in the history of vaccination” in France, namely “we must reach in five weeks at least 20 million injections. That is an average of nearly 5 million injections per week. Which would be an unprecedented logistical feat”.

In view of this deadline, in Occitania, for example, where the epidemic is at its highest with more than 21.000 new cases per day on average, the ARS is already anticipating a possible traffic jam and calls on the inhabitants of the region not to wait until the last moment to schedule a vaccination appointment.According to figures from Public Health France, as of January 9, 28.388.829 booster doses were performed. In addition, since the start of the vaccination campaign, 53. 256.64 people received at least one injection (that is 92,9% of the total population2) and 57.021.924 people now have a complete vaccination schedule (i.e. 77,1% of the total population).

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