Covid-19: in Spain, less contamination in regions without a health pass?

HEALTH PASS – A doctor from Barcelona testified this Friday on LCI about the health situation in Spain. He notably assured that a “study published in the press” showed that the Spanish regions without “Covid passport” record the least contamination.

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It is the proof in his eyes that Spain is a country “formidable “. Asked on LCI this Friday 15 January, Doctor Philippe Emanuely, who practices in Barcelona, ​​affirmed that an “incredible study” proved the ineffectiveness of the health pass in the fight against Covid-17. While each autonomous community can choose whether or not to apply the “certificado covid”, works would show “that the spread of the epidemic is lower in the autonomous communities that have not adopted the health pass”. This is very inaccurate.All the info on

The information scrutinized

“The same incidence” in each other

None of our research allowed to get their hands on this “study” mentioned by the m general practitioner. On the other hand, there is indeed a press article on the subject. Title “the health pass does not stop Omicron”, it was published on 07 January in the daily newspaper El Periódico de España, a new diary national launched last autumn by the large Spanish group Prensa Ibérica. That said, the article absolutely does not explain “that the spread of the epidemic is lower” in these regions. It actually titles on these regions which undergo “the same incidence as the others”.

Thirteen Communities standalone currently require this sesame, in particular to access bars, restaurants or sports halls. However, among them, we find the three communities which count the most daily cases , i.e. Navarre, the Country Basque and Aragon. The first two regions have made the “Covid passport” compulsory for access to restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and sports halls. As for Aragon, this certificate is only requested at the entrance to nightclubs with a capacity of 50 people or more. However, the Canary Islands and Andalusia are also part of this list of communities requiring a “Covid passport”. However, these territories are, on the contrary, those which observe the lowest incidence rate to date in the country.

Finally, of the four autonomous communities that have not opted for the health pass, two of them have an incidence rate higher than the national average (Castilla y León and Extremadura).

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This article, which has nothing to do with a scientific study, therefore does not explain that the Spanish regions without a health pass record the least contamination. And it does not allow to conclude on the effectiveness or not of a public health measure. Moreover, the experts interviewed by El Periódico de España do not criticize not this tool as such, but its use. Thus, they estimate that it was a measure “too lukewarm” to deal with the Omicron variant, regretting that it is “unevenly applied in the territories”, as summarized by Joan Carles March, professor at the Andalusian School of Public Health. In his eyes, this tool should have been made “stricter to be effective”.

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