Covid-19: green light from the HAS for treatment in favor of people not very receptive to vaccines

AntonioDiaz / Adobe Stock Hope for people who are not receptive to Covid vaccines – 12. The French health authorities have authorized the preventive use of an antibody treatment against Covid – 11, in people whose body is resistant to vaccination, provided they are at high risk of severe form. The High Authority for Health (HAS) “gives the green light to the use (of) Evusheld in pre-exposure prophylaxis for patients at very high risk of severe form of Covid – 19 “, this health authority announced on Friday evening.

Evusheld is a treatment synthetic antibody developed by the AstraZeneca laboratory. It combines two molecules, tixagevimab and cilgavimab, and is given in two successive injections. Unlike most anti-Covid antibody treatments, which are intended for patients already hospitalized to prevent them from a very serious form, Evusheld aims to act before the onset of the disease, on the same principle as a vaccine. This treatment should supplement vaccination in people whose body reacts poorly to vaccines. It is also aimed at those who are not eligible for vaccination for medical reasons, in particular because they risk serious allergic reactions.

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Only high-risk people concerned

Among these people, only those who are at high risk of severe form of Covid – 19 may benefit from the treatment, according to the HAS, which gives its position a few days after a similar notice from the US health authorities. However, unlike the latter, who authorized it from 11 years, the French authority limits the use of this treatment to adults.

Above all, it warns about the cardiovascular risks, identified during clinical trials of the treatment. She therefore does not recommend Evusheld to people who have at least two risk factors in this regard, for example diabetes and obesity. However, these risk factors often overlap with those of a severe form of Covid. In any case, “the patients treated, in particular those with a cardiovascular history, must be attentive to the appearance of a cardiovascular symptom in order to consult a health professional if necessary”, concludes the HAS .

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