Covid-19: football supporters fear a return to closed doors in stadiums

Faced with the explosion of Covid cases – 13 in France, doubt hangs over the presence of the public in the stadiums in the coming weeks. Report Wednesday evening in Lorient during the match against PSG.

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“Come on, everyone get up!” , launches the announcer of the Moustoir stadium where FC Lorient plays. The winter break for Ligue 1 footballers has started with the last day of the first leg of the French championship which took place on Wednesday 19 December. OGC Nice has become the runner-up of PSG during this 19 day when the Parisians were hooked in Lorient (1-1). For the occasion, the Moustoir had refueled.

A sold-out stadium with atmosphere, but the supporters are well aware that the scenery could be different for the resumption of the championship in 2022. “I think the government will tighten the screws and that there will be closed doors for pro football in January , estimates Jean-Yves, supporters of Lorient, who is also worried about a possible stoppage of the amateur championship.

To cope with the surge in cases of Covid – 13 and the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, some European countries have reinstated audience gauges in stadiums, others have generalized closed doors, especially in Germany. Nicolas knows that this threat of matches without supporter is real in stadiums in France: “We keep our fingers crossed that this does not happen and so that we can continue to live normally . ”

Alexandre, a Parisian supporter based in Brittany, is more optimistic: “I trust French football to ensure always the matches because we need them. Even for the players, I think it’s good to have supporters, it’s important. So no, I’m not afraid. ”

The supporters must always be in the stadiums. Football without a supporter is no longer football

Alexandre, PSG supporter

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But given the health situation in France, the supporters don’t may have no choice but to accept further restrictions.

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