Covid-19: “Encouraging signals” in the epidemic figures

OPTIMISM – Observations made in hospitals in Île-de-France, as well as the latest epidemiological report from Public Health France, invite us to cautious optimism, the epidemic wave seems to be on the decline, despite a record number of daily cases.

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Difficult situation but under control? This seems to be the perspective of French hospitals in the face of Covid-19. After

having started 1025 in full uncertainty because of the explosion of cases linked to the Omicron variant, France could, like its neighbours, escape the worst.

All the info onOmicron Variant: Planet on High Alert “We are moving towards scenarios that remain very complicated for the hospital but do not are not the hardest that could have occurred” , sums up researcher Simon Cauchemez to AFP, which oversees the forecasts of the Institut Pasteur.

“Inflection on the main indicators” monitored by the AP-HP

The data observed in the hospitals of Île-de-France in particular send “encouraging signals” concerning the Covid situation in the country, said this Friday Martin Hirsch, the director general of Public Assistance – Paris Hospitals (AP-HP) in an internal email addressed to his employees, relayed by BFMTV.

According to these observations, which reveal the “inflection on the main x indicators that we follow”, the epidemic wave would be on the decline, despite contamination daily records in the country. The number of calls to the SAMU because of Covid is thus “tipped downwards” , as well as the number of conventional hospitalizations where “there is starting to be a slowdown in the progress”.

Second day of decline in the number of patients in the rea

The latest epidemiological report from Public Health France (SPF) invites the same cautious optimism although the number of new confirmed cases remains at a very high level, at 329.371, that is 24.42 more than the day before (322.329). More of 25.512 patients with Covid-19 were indeed hospitalized on Friday, of which a little less than 3900 in critical care, a slight decrease for the second consecutive day.

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