Covid-19 – CO2 sensors in schools: mayors throw the ball back to the state

NOT AGREE – In a press release published this Friday, the Association of Mayors of France assures that the State must take full supports the generalization of CO2 sensors in schools, contrary to the declarations of the Minister of National Education.

V. Fauroux – 2022-01-14T20: 12: 32.350+01: 01 Again, Thursday 13 January, at the end of a day of mobilization ion in National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer indicated that the purchase of CO2 sensors for schools is the responsibility of local authorities and not of the State. A reading that does not seem to please the Association of Mayors of France which, through a press release this Friday, affirmed that it “was akin to an inelegant way, and out of step with regard to the stakes, for the State to shirk its responsibilities”.

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Omicron Variant: Planet on High Alert

And to explain: “Public health policy and crisis management health falls exclusively within the competence of the State, as has been recalled on several occasions by the executive. However, the acquisition of CO2 sensors by the voluntary municipalities does not come under their compulsory expenses for schools, but intervenes within the framework of the management of the health crisis decided at the national level”. Consequently, the AMF confirms that it requests that the financing fund currently of 20 million euros is sufficiently topped up to guarantee full financial compensation for these purchases from town halls by the State. )

Only 20% of schools are equipped with CO2 sensors

At the beginning of December, the Minister of Education was surprised that only 19 % of schools were equipped with CO2 sensors and that the municipalities were few in number to apply for funds. “I am once again appealing to the mayors for an increase in power in this area, and this fund will be increased if necessary”, he had launched, regretting that some are trying to make it a subject of controversy (the 20 December, the EELV candidate had qualified Jean-Michel Blanquer as “accomplice” of the virus, pointing to the too low number of CO2 sensors in schools).

However, the AMF considers that “the Minister forgot to specify that no information of the magnitude was made by his

community services”. “In addition, the amount of reimbursements proposed, which penalizes rural municipalities and priority neighborhoods because of their smaller numbers, is out of proportion with reality. expenses incurred. Finally, the reimbursement procedure is both poorly understood by decentralized State services and difficult to master by local authorities because of its complexity. All of this constitutes so many obstacles to the equipping of schools”, advances the AMF.Read also

The Chairman of the AMF, David Lisnard, would also like to remind “the major difficulties of municipalities to maintain the proper functioning of schools, school catering and extracurricular reception, in a context marked by complexity and constant change s of the health rules announced without consultation, and the problems of replacing staff affected by the Covid or contact cases”.

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