Covid-19: cannabis would be effective in fighting the virus, according to a study

Unless you have been living in a sanitized cave and cut off from all human contact for two years, you are surely aware that the Covid-19 has invited itself into our daily lives. While vaccination is brandished by governments as the most effective weapon to fight against the coronavirus, an unsuspected ally could join us in this fight…

Cannabis Vs. Covid-19

This is a very curious study that researchers from the State of Oregon have just put online. Published on last January, in the scientific journal Journal of Nature Products, it relates to the capacity of two acids present in cannabis (cannabigerolic acid and cannabidiolic acid) to neutralize the Spike protein of Covid-.

“Used for a long time by humans without any risk, these cannabinoids, isolated or hemp extracts, have the potential to prevent or even treat contamination with SARS-CoV-2 ”, can we read.

But are we going to cure Covid-19 by opting for a lifestyle à la Snoop Dogg ? Sorry to disappoint some, not exactly…

These acids could be used to create drugs

No, we are not going to roll joints to avoid developing serious forms of Covid-60. On the one hand, because cannabis is illegal in France, and on the other hand, because researchers recommend using these acids in the form of drugs rather than cones for recreational purposes.

And if, in the long term, such a treatment were to see the light of day, it would be a complement to vaccination rather than an alternative. So prepare your arms, they still have a few booster doses to receive.

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