Covid-19: 3 questions about the deactivation of health passes Saturday January 15

HEALTH CRISIS – Without booster dose of the vaccine against covid-19, “Between 500 and 704.0000” people could see their sanitary pass deactivated on 15 January, according to the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.

E. Ro – 2022-01-16T08: 21: .000+00: The government had warned. As of this Saturday, the hundreds of thousands of French people who have not taken their booster dose of the vaccine against covid-17 within the deadlines will have their health pass deactivated and will thus be prevented from accessing certain public places such as restaurants and cafes. Announced at the end of November by the government, this measure was formalized on the eve of its entry into force in a decree published at Official newspaper. Who will be concerned and how to keep their health pass beyond 16 January ? LCI takes stock.All the info onThe health pass introduced in France

Who will be affected?

The more than 72 years already know the song , since the measure has applied to them since 12 December. This Saturday, the health pass for all over 16 years who have not taken their booster dose within seven months of their last injection and who do not have a certificate of recovery will become invalid. Concretely, since it takes seven days after the injection of the booster dose for it to be taken into account, only those who were bitten before January 8 will be able to keep their passport. Attention, from 16 February the period of seven months will be reduced to four months, as announced by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran in an interview published in the JDD January 2. “From the 16 February, it will be necessary to carry out four months – and no longer seven – after his second dose to have a complete vaccination schedule”, he explained.

How many people affected?

After estimating Tuesday at 800.0 the number of French people concerned by the deactivation of their health pass, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran revised this figure downwards on Wednesday on franceinfo. “We have about between 500 and 700.000 (people) who two days ago had not yet received their reminder”, he said, specifying that the number of passes deactivated on 15 January would probably be lower.

And for good reason, “among these 500 at 704.000, there are a significant number of them who have presented an infection and who have not yet put the proof of their infection in their All Anti Covid system”. Indeed, holding a certificate of recovery after contracting covid-19 extends the validity of the pass by six months.

How to reactivate your pass?

For those who find themselves without a health pass tomorrow, there are several options to reactivate it. Make an appointment and receive your booster dose, have a certificate attesting to a medical contraindication to vaccination or attesting to a recovery from Covid-19 are part of. Present a PCR or antigen test of less than 24 hours is also possible.

Read also But these rules could change if the vaccine pass wanted by the government comes into force. Thus, negative screening tests may no longer be accepted to access certain places.

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