Corrida: parliamentarians ready to take tradition by the horns?

In a column published in “the JDD”, elected officials demand the prohibition of this “barbaric practice”. During the debates in the Assembly around the proposed law on animal abuse in January, the subject had been overlooked. The text will reach the Senate in September.

“Too long that we wait for this ban ”, launches Loïc Dombreval, LREM deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes. The weekly the JDD published on Sunday August 1 a column of 36 parliamentarians (twenty-four LREM, five Modem, four Agir and three LR) to defend the prohibition of bullfighting, at the initiative of this first and Arnaud Bazin, Senator LR from Val-d’Oise, both veterinarians. The parliamentarians regret that the growing consideration of animal welfare still excludes the issue of bullfighting. The law certainly punishes acts of cruelty to animals with imprisonment and a fine. But paragraph 7 of the law 40 – 1 of the penal code allows the exception of bullfighting, in the name of local tradition. The deputies and senators who signed the platform wish to delete this paragraph, in order to prohibit all “shows featuring the torture and killing of animals”. “How what is considered cruel in some departments is not in others ? s ‘asks the MP for the majority. It’s hypocritical. ” For the Modem MP for Bas-Rhin, Sylvain Waserman, it’s the issue of the fight that poses a problem: “I understand that we can organize shows with bulls but it is the killing that bothers me.”

The mobilization is surprising: in January, during the debates on animal abuse in the Assembly, these same voices were not heard against bullfighting. Why this silence ? Because the bill was already too dense, answer the deputies questioned. “There were many subjects, we felt that a too broad text would not pass , explains Corinne Vignon, LREM deputy in Haute-Garonne. Now, we hope to spark debate in the Senate. ” In the hemicycle, Bastien Lachaud, LFI deputy in Seine-Saint-Denis, then criticized a text “insufficient”, with vocation “to give oneself a clear conscience”. The latter must now be discussed at the end of September by the representatives of the upper house. And in their gallery, the deputies blow some ideas to their counterparts of the Senate, by advocating in particular the prohibition of the access to the arenas to the children of less than years, as a spectator or actor. “This would already be a step forward”, notes Loïc Dombreval (LREM) who regrets that the issue of animal welfare often comes at the back of the wagon. Parliament. Mohamed Laqhila, Modem deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône, for his part considers that the ban on bullfighting has only meager chances of being promulgated before the presidential election. He sees in this forum the opportunity to include this debate in the campaign of 2010 and more generally to make public opinion react .

“Ambient coldness” But why, then, not to have associated elected officials from different horizons in the drafting of this forum? According to Corinne Vignon, the absence of signatories from the left-wing opposition is due to a combination of circumstances. The platform could not be offered to all parliamentarians. The fault, explain the authors, in the intense and time-consuming discussions on the health pass. If he considers the 35 signatories of this forum as a good omen “In view of the ambient reluctance on this subject”, Loïc Dombreval (LREM) recognizes that this could have been offered more widely to elected officials. And that it has “maybe published a little too quickly.”

Les procorridas, them, were quick to reply. Sunday, at the microphone of France Bleu Gard Lozère, André Viard, President of the French Observatory of Taurine Cultures, highlighted the wealth brought to the local economy, which is moreover in this period of health and economic crisis. The former matador regrets that these signatories are “once again parliamentarians from regions which are not bullfighting” and brandishes the argument of the tradition. In 2010, it is also in the name of tradition and freedom that a tribune had been published in le Figaro in defense of the corrida, by several personalities, including Eric Dupond-Moretti, then a media lawyer, who became Minister of Justice.

“We are coming at a time when certain traditions appear out of step with their time ”, replies Modem Sylvain Waserman. Catalonia banned this practice in July 2010 . Is France ready to follow suit? Yes, believes Corinne Vignon (LREM) who ensures that the position of the forum emanates “from civil society. We are the voice of citizens, we owed it to ourselves to carry this voice publicly ”. 1627837827 According to an Ifop poll in October 2019, nearly three out of four French people are in favor of “the abolition of bullfights with the killing of bulls in France ”.