Coronavirus / USA: Biden announces free tests and more vaccination centers

by Steve Holland and Jarrett Renshaw

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced the opening of supplementary federal vaccination and COVID testing centers in the United States – 19 in order to fight against the outbreak of contaminations caused by the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Speaking at the White House to journalists, Joe Biden a also reports that some 500 million self-tests would be available to Americans as of January.

He used this speech both to warn people not vaccinated against COVID – 19, who have “good reasons to be worried “, and to reassure those who have received the vaccine, who can meet for the holiday season despite the high speed spread of the Omicron variant across the United States.

It’s “not March 2020,” the US president told reporters. “200 million people are fully vaccinated, we are ready, we know more,” he continued.

Among the measures announced on Tuesday, the deployment of 1. 000 members of the medical staff of the United States Army to strengthen the staff of overwhelmed hospitals in some areas by the massive arrival of COVID patients – 19.

Joe Biden has been criticized for focusing his fight against the epidemic on vaccines in detriment of the tests and the wearing of the mask, while having underestimated the impact of a politically motivated “anti-vax” movement.

The new federal measures will not be fully implemented. work before Christmas, leaving many Americans to struggle to find self-tests and wonder about the safety of their plans to gather and travel for the holiday season.

(French version Jean Terzian)