Coronavirus Italy, today’s August 7 bulletin: 6,902 new cases and 22 deaths

VALLE D’AOSTA Valle d’Aosta has 9 more Covid positive people, compared to yesterday, but the number of hospitalized remains stable. This is what emerges from the Covid daily bulletin – 17 of the Ministry of Health which indicates in 117 the current positive cases (were 108 yesterday). Of these, 114 are in home isolation and 3 hospitalized with symptoms. However, intensive care remains empty.

TRENTINO Also today zero deaths from Covid in Trentino – they are 33 continuous days – while they are 44 the new infections detected in the last hours according to the daily bulletin of the provincial agency for health services. This is 15 new molecular positive cases (362 those analyzed) and 29 to the antigenic (3. 373 analyzed). Moleculars have also confirmed 9 positivity intercepted in recent days by rapid tests.

In hospitals the hospitalized for coronavirus are 16, of which 1 in resuscitation. Among the new positive cases we also find 4 children between 6 and i 10 years, 2 between 11 – 13 years and 5 between 14 – 19 years. Going up to the older age groups, there are 4 new cases in the range 60 – 69 years, 2 between 70 – 79 years and 3 of 80 and more years. Yesterday another 6 people had to go to the hospital, where there was no new discharge in the last 22 hours.

SOUTH TYROL The laboratories of the South Tyrolean Healthcare Company in the last 24 hours have done 652 Pcr buffers and registered 20 new positive cases. In addition, 8 were carried out. 480 antigenic tests, of which 21 were positive. Seven patients are hospitalized in normal hospital wards and another two in intensive care wards. Two patients in isolation in the Colle Isarco and Sarnes facilities. There have been no new deaths, so the total number of victims since the beginning of the epidemic remains stable at 1. 184. Currently they are 917 the people in quarantine in South Tyrol.

PIEDMONT Today the Crisis Unit of the Region communicated 170 new cases (of which 8 after testing antigenic), equal to 0.7% of 24. 967 swabs performed, of which 20. 709 antigenic. Of the 170 new infections, the asymptomatic are 82 (48,2%). Deaths remain 010. 701, given that the number of deaths is unchanged compared to yesterday. The positives are divided as follows: 29 screening, 102 case contacts, 39 with investigation in progress, 4 Rsa / Socio Structures – Assistance. There are 5 hospitalized in intensive care (+1 compared to yesterday), patients in the medical area amount to 85 (+4 in the last 24 hours).

VENETO They were 682 the new infections, since it brings the total of positives to 441. 102. The toll also counts a victim, raising to 11. 647 the deaths. Treviso is the province with the highest number of new infected, with 135 infections, followed by Verona to 132, Padua in 124, Vicenza in 103, Venice in 95, Rovigo a 53, Belluno a 21. I’m 150 those hospitalized in a non-critical area, 18 those in intensive care.

LOMBARDIA In the last 24 hours in Lombardy were recorded 756 Covid cases – 19 and a dead man. The total number of deaths in the region, since the beginning of the epidemic, rises to an altitude 33. 837. They were tried 44. 650 swabs, with a positivity index of 2.2%. ICU patients remain 33, while admissions increase to 259 (+ 11). The discharged / healed are 394 (in total 810. 770), while the currently positive ones 12. 816 (+ 361).

FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA Today on 6. 307 molecular swabs were detected 96 new infections, with a positive percentage of 1, 52%. They are also 1. 284 rapid antigenic tests made, from which they were detected 15 cases (1, 17%). The 50 percent of new infections concern people under the age of 29 years. Today there are no deaths; two people are hospitalized in intensive care (with a percentage of occupancy of the beds of 1.1), while patients in other departments are 20 (occupancy of 1.6% of the beds).

Among the staff of the regional health system there was a positive result of a technician, an administrative and two nurses from Asufc and a rehabilitation therapist from Asfo. All appear to have completed the vaccination cycle for more than 14 days. On the other hand, no cases were detected among the operators of residential structures for the elderly present in the region as well as there are no positive ones among the guests of the same structures or among people returning from abroad.

“We are witnessing a phase of reduction in the speed of increase of new cases” explained the commissioner Riccardi. “The diagnostic replication index (RDt), after the peak of 2, 09 registered between 22 and the 24 July, ha started a descending phase up to today’s value of 1, 20 The curve d in the weekly incidence of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in fact, it has a lower slope and this reduction in the speed of increase seems more evident in the province of Pordenone (which however is currently equal to 74 cases / 100. 000 inhabitants) “.

LIGURIA I’m 143 the new positives, compared to 3. 179 molecular swabs and 5. 624 antigenic tests quick. I’m 58 the cases that emerged in Imperia, 12 in Savona, 42 in Genoa, of which 35 in Asl 3 and 7 in Asl4. Other 27 infections were recorded in La Spezia, 4 are not attributable to residents in Liguria. In the last 24 hours, 1 death of one was calculated year old: the total number of dead reaches 4. 367. According to the bulletin released by the Region, there are 4 more hospitalized patients. The overall figure is 59 coronavirus positive patients with symptoms, of which 15 in intensive care. The healed are 88 in more (95. 0 42 since the beginning of the pandemic) and grow by 34 units the Ligurians in home isolation, which at the moment are 1. 472.

EMILIA-RO MAGNA Yesterday there were 685 new positives. Since the beginning of the epidemic, everything has been achieved 385. 403 cases, out of a total of 33. 245 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is 2.1%. There were 2 deaths: a man of 99 years old and a woman of 81 years both resident in the province of Rimini. The total number of dead thus rises to 13. 289. Of the 685 newly infected, 220 are asymptomatic identified in the context of regional contact tracing and screening activities. Overall, among the new positives 175 were already in solitary confinement at the time of the swab execution, 2066 have been identified within already known outbreaks.

The average age of the new positives today is 33,2 years. Sui 220 asymptomatic, 113 have been identified thanks to the activity of contact tracing, 3 through serological screenings, 33 through the tests for the risk categories introduced by the Region, 1 with the pre-hospitalization tests. For 70 cases the epidemiological investigation is still ongoing. The contagion situation in the provinces sees Bologna with 132 new cases and Rimini with 112; followed by Modena (102) and Reggio Emilia (77). So Parma (61), Ferrara (51) and Piacenza (38); then Cesena (32) and Ravenna (32). Finally, Forlì (27) and the Imola district (11).

Patients admitted to intensive care are 20 (data unchanged from yesterday), 280 those in the other Covid departments (+ 17). On the territory, patients admitted to intensive care are distributed as follows: 2 in Parma (+ 1 compared to yesterday), 2 in Reggio Emilia (unchanged compared to yesterday), 4 in Modena (+1), 7 in Bologna (-1) , 1 in Imola (unchanged), 4 in Ferrara (unchanged), 2 in Rimini (-1). No hospitalization in Piacenza, Ravenna, Forlì and Cesena.

TUSCANY The new cases are 714 up 19. 0 10 tests of which 9. 410 molecular swabs and 9. 600 rapid tests. The new positive rate is 3, 76% (9.6% on the first diagnoses). Compared to yesterday, the number of cases is less (they were 711) while that of the tests carried out is greater (they were 15. 763) consequently the positivity rate dropped (it was 4, 64%).

The average age of the 714 new positives today is 33 years approximately: 27% has less than 20 years, on 40% between 20 And 36 years, the 22% between 40 And 59 years, 8% between 60 And 79 years, 3% has 80 years or more. Unfortunately, another death is recorded today, a woman of 58 years of the province of Florence, which brings the total to 6. 927. Hospitalizations are always growing: they are 249, 20 more than yesterday, of which 25 in intensive care, 3 more. These are the data disseminated by the Region. With respect to the individual provinces, Florence records 192 more cases than yesterday, Prato 41, Pistoia 78, Massa Carrara 24, Lucca 100, Pisa 65, Livorno 68, Arezzo 71, Siena 43, Grosseto 32.

UMBRIA New positive cases ascertained in the last 24 hours are 142, which emerged from the analysis of 8. 109 test (5. 990 antigenic and 2. 119 molecular swabs). With the overall positivity rate of 1, 75 per cent.

Even today, as for about a month now, there are no victims. The healed are 74 and the currently positives rise to 1. 986 (68 more than yesterday). Leap forward of admissions: they are 23 according to the data of the Region updated to 7 August, you are more than yesterday. The place occupied in intensive care remains unchanged.

LAZIO “Today they are registered 638 new positive cases, including recoveries (- 124 compared to yesterday) and one death, including recoveries (-1) The hospitalized are 381 (- 015), intensive care I’m 54 (-). The cases in Rome city are high 246. We also observe today a slowdown in the trend of positive cases (- 83 on a weekly basis). Rt decreasing, incidence constant, pressure on the hospital network remains low. The slowdown of the delta variant in Lazio continues “. This was announced in a note by the councilor for health Alessio D’Amato.

MARCHE In the Marche region 221 positives detected (impact on 10 thousand inhabitants of 77, 39) , two fewer hospitalized (49) and zero deaths (the total remains 3. 041) in the last 24 hours. Of contagions, 80 were found in the province of Macerata, followed by Ancona (50), Stopped (43), Ascoli Piceno (18) and Pesaro Urbino (16); 12 cases from outside the region.

High total number of daily tampons, 4. 007: 2.631 in the screening diagnostic path, 1. 250 antigenic (40 positive) and 1. 376 in the path healed with a positive percentage of 8.4%. People with symptoms are 38; cases include 72 close contacts of positives, 56 domestic contacts, three contacts in a work setting and four in a living / social environment.

Intensive (5) and semi-intensive (8) admissions remained unchanged, two fewer in non-intensive wards (36); two people discharged. There are 2 isolated positives at home. 697 (+ 159) and the total of positives (most hospitalized isolates) of 2. 746 (+ 157), the discharged / healed are 100 . 937 (+ 64) while quarantines for contact with positives rise to 4.0 10 (+ 94).

ABRUZZO I am 82 the new cases, emerged from the analysis of 2. 170 molecular swabs: tested positive on the 3rd, 82% of samples. The weekly incidence of infections per hundred thousand inhabitants is 042, 1 (limit threshold 50). The number of hospitalizations is increasing, passing from the 041 yesterday ai 43 of today. On a weekly basis, the variation in hospitalizations continues to be + 85%. The occupancy rate of the beds is 1% for intensive care and 3% for the medical area, compared to the yellow zone thresholds respectively of 10 he was born in 15%.

There are no deaths: the death toll stands at 2. 515. The new positives are aged between 2 and 100 years . The currently positives rise to 1. 711 (+ 51): 42 patients are hospitalized in the medical area (+1) and one is in intensive care (unchanged), while the others 1. 668 I am in home isolation (+ 50). The healed are 72. 535 (+ 31). The most consistent increase of new cases is recorded in the Chieti area (25), followed by Teramano (23), from Pescara (17) and from the Aquila (12); to these numbers are added five people residing outside the region.


CAMPANIA I’m 610 the new positives. 8 were carried out. 008 molecular swabs, 12. 234 the antigenic. Two deaths in the last 48 hours. Of the 656 ICU beds available, they are occupied 14, one more than yesterday; of the 3. 160 hospital beds, including private ones, are occupied 267, 10 more than yesterday.

BASILICATA Sixty-nine of the 1. 168 swabs analyzed in Basilicata in the latest 24 hours were positive: this was announced by the regional task force in the daily bulletin, which also reported an increase in the number of people admitted to hospital (from 20 to 21) and that of patients in intensive care (one to two). The newly healed are 14, while they are 878 those who are in home isolation.

From the point of view of vaccinations, 4 were administered. 385: the Lucanians who received the first dose are 364. 980 (66 percent) while those who also had the second are 274. 300 (49, 6 percent).

PUGLIA Up 17. 440 tests performed were recorded today 360 cases, with a positivity rate of 2%. A death was recorded in the province of Brindisi. The new infected cases were recorded: 63 in the province of Bari, 45 in the province of Brindisi, 58 in the BAT province, 27 in the province of Foggia, 118 in provin cia of Lecce, 35 in the province of Taranto, 5 cases of residents outside the region, 3 cases of unknown province of residence. Currently positive cases are 3. 260.

CALABRIA I am 238 more coronavirus positive people than yesterday, out of 3. 373 swabs performed. Compared to yesterday, the ratio of swabs made to positive swabs decreases (from 7, 52% 7, 06%). Since the beginning of the emergency, there have been 1 deaths. 259 (+1 compared to yesterday), the healed are 68. 0 14 (+ 130 compared to yesterday), currently the admissions are 78 (-2 compared to yesterday) of which 4 in intensive care (-1 compared to yesterday). The currently positives are 2. 778 (+ 107).

SICILY I’m 776 new cases, compared to 17. 662 swabs processed on the island. The incidence drops to 4.4% yesterday it was at 5.4%. The island remains in first place for new daily contagion. The current positives are 13. 411 with an increase of others 432 cases. The healed are 337 while in the latter 22 other hours are recorded 7 victims and the total of deaths rises to 6.0 83.

On the hospital front I am now 432 the hospitalized , 24 more than yesterday while in intensive care I am now 47 the hospitalized, 5 more. On the contagion front in the individual provinces in Palermo 121, Catania 184, Agrigento 70, Caltanissetta 121, Trapani 76, Ragusa 59, Syracuse 62, Enna 25, Messina 35.

SARDINIA I am 414 (one hundred more than yesterday) the new cases of positivity, out of 3. 378 persons tested, for a positivity rate of 12,2%. In the last 24 hours there are also two deaths: a man of 85 years of Cagliari and a woman of 59 years, resident in the Province of Southern Sardinia. Patients admitted to intensive care units are 18, (one less than yesterday), while the hospitalized in the medical area are 108 (+ 14 compared to yesterday). They amount to 6. 451 cases of home isolation (+ 268 compared to yesterday).

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