Coronavirus Italy, today’s 5 August bulletin: 7,230 new cases and 27 deaths. Positivity rate rises to 3.4%

I am 7. 230 the positives to the Covid tests identified in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 6. 596. I am instead 27 the victims in one day (yesterday they were 21). With 212. 227 the tampons molecular and antigenic carried out in the last 24 hours in (yesterday they were 215. 748) the positivity rate is 3.4%, increasing compared to 3% yesterday.

I am 268 patients admitted to intensive care for Covid in Italy, 8 more than yesterday in the balance between income and expenses. The daily admissions, according to the data of the Ministry of Health, are 23 (yesterday they were 14). There are 2 hospitalized patients with symptoms in the ordinary wards. 409, an increase of one hundred units compared to yesterday.

VALLE D ‘ AOSTA The ‘symbolic’ quota of 100 current infected by Covid – 19. In the last 24 hours were detected 13 new positive cases in the face of 359 persons subjected to the test. This is what is reported in the bulletin of the Ministry of Health. Four people are admitted to the Parini hospital in Aosta, none in intensive care. The victims since the beginning of the pandemic remain 448.

TRENTINO Another day without deaths for Covid in Trentino while I am 33 the new positive cases, of which 13 up 514 molecular swabs and 20 detected by 1. 620 rapid antigenic tests. Current hospitalized patients are 11 (more than two compared to yesterday), one of which in intensive care. The newly healed are 36. Today’s bulletin of the provincial health services company says so. Of the new positives, one is in range 6 – 10 years, 2 are among the 11 and 13 years and 3 between 14 ei 19 years. Other 3 cases concern the band 60 – 69 years while there are no infections for the range 70 – 79 years and for the over 80. In the meantime, the anti Covid vaccinations continue: this morning they were administered 596. 843 vaccine doses (of which 250 . 227 second doses). To citizens over 80 were administered 66. 980 doses, to citizens among the 70 – 79 years 89 . 542 doses and between 60 – 69 years 104. 539 doses.

SOUTH TYROL The laboratories of the Health Authority of South Tyrol no the latter 26 hours have performed 593 PCR swabs and 6 new positive cases registered. There are also 9 positive antigen tests of the 2. 913 performed yesterday. There are 9 Covid patients – 19 hospitalized in normal hospital wards, while a patient is hospitalized in intensive care. There are also two Covid patients – 19 in isolation in the Colle Isarco and Sarnes facilities.

The total number of deaths from i pandemic start remains stable at 1. 169. They are currently in quarantine 912 people.

PIEDMONT Today the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region communicated 259 new cases of people who tested positive for Covid – 19 (of which 16 after anti test genico), equal to 1.6% of 13. 929 swabs performed, of which 10. 340 antigenic. Of the 259 new cases, the asymptomatic are 97 (37, 5%). No deaths, so coronavirus positive deaths remain 004. in the region. The cases are divided as follows: 30 screening, 154 case contacts, 75 with ongoing investigation, 4 Rsa / social assistance structures, 5 imported cases (4 from abroad and 1 from another Italian region) The total of positive cases therefore becomes 370. 849 divided as follows on a provincial basis: 30. 137 Alexandria, 17. 593 Asti, 11. 623 Biella, 53. 500 Cuneo, 28. 812 Novara, 198. 0 41 Turin, 13. 877 Vercelli, 13. 180 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, in addition to 1. 523 residing outside the region, but in charge of the Piedmontese health structures. The remaining 2. 556 are being processed and territorial attribution. There are 5 hospitalized in intensive care (unchanged compared to yesterday) and patients in non-critical area amount to 90 (+4 in 24 hours). There are 2 people in home isolation. 774. The diagnostic swabs processed so far are 5. 991. 335 (+ 13. 929 compared to yesterday), of which 1. 907. 195 results negatives.

VENETO I am 888 the new Covid infections recorded in Veneto in the last 24 hours, for one total of 439. 856 since the beginning of the epidemic. The number of deaths is also increasing, 11. 645 (+1). This was reported by the regional bulletin. The subjects currently positive and in isolation are 13. 268 (+ 323). Stops, the growth of hospital data. in non-critical areas are 168 (-1) hospitalized patients, while in intensive care they are 18 (-1)

LOMBARDIA In the last 24 hours in Lombardy were recorded 793 Covid cases – 19 and a dead man. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the total number of victims in the region rises to 33 . 835. The swabs processed were 35. 340, with a positive index of 2.2%. Covid ICU patients drop to 27 (-1), while the hospitalized rise to 254 (+7). In the Lombardy provinces the situation is as follows: in the Milanese area 222 infections, of which 85 in Milan city; Bergamo: 29; Brescia: 67; Como: 35; Cremona: 34; Lecco: 16; Lodi: 22; Mantua: 56; Monza and Brianza: 48; Pavia: 21; Sondrio: 13; Varese: 189.

FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia on 5. 696 were found 111 new positivity, equal to 1, 95%. In detail, on 4. 289 molecular swabs were detected 97 new infections, with a positive percentage of 2, 26%, and give 1. 403 rapid antigenic tests are results 14 cases (0, 99%). This was announced by the Vice President of the Region with responsibility for Health, Riccardo Riccardi. From the analysis of the data available, it emerges that the 58 percent of new infections pertain to the under category 29. No deaths were recorded today, four people are hospitalized in intensive care and patients in other departments have dropped to 19. The deaths totaled 3. 774 and, since the beginning of the pandemic, in Friuli Venezia Giulia they were positive overall 108. 442 people. Among the staff of the regional health system there is a positive result of a social health worker from the Giuliano Isontina university health agency. On the other hand, no cases were found among the operators of residential structures for the elderly present in the region, just as there were no positive cases among the guests of the same structures.

LIGURIA The new cases of covid in Liguria are still increasing, 169 in the last 24 hours, compared to 6. 882 pads, of which 3. 470 molecular and 3. 412 rapid antigenic tests. The positivity rate rises to 2, 46%, which becomes 4, 87% for molecular swabs only. I’m 79 new cases in metropolitan area of ​​Genoa, of which 68 in Asl 3 and 14 in Asl 4 Chiavarese, 34 in the Imperia area, 30 in La Spezia, 19 in the Savona area. Four other positives are not resident in Liguria. Since the beginning of the pandemic, they have been registered 105. 942 cases, compared to 1. 470. 688 molecular swabs, to which from 14 January are added 475. 954 rapid antigenic tests. No new deaths, with victims remaining 4. 362, while increasing by 107 the infected people currently present in the area, with the total rising to 2. 742. The pressure on hospitals is also growing: six more hospitalized than in 24 hours, with 53 occupied beds, of which 13 in intensive care, one more. Increase by 123 the positives in home isolation, 1. 417 in total, and by 66 persons under active surveillance, 1. 337 in total. Also reported 62 newly healed, with the total rising to 98. 834. On the vaccination campaign front, administered 10. 371 doses in the last 24 hours, with the total rising to 1. 776. 953, equal to 92, 46% of 1. 921. 854 doses so far delivered. The Ligurians who have completed the cycle rise to 765. 186, equal to 51, 48% of the total population and 53, 15% of that of vaccine age. Close to one million Ligurians who received the first dose, a goal that will be cut in the next few hours: they are 999. 767, equal to 66, 23% of the population and 72, 23% of over 12.

EMILIA-ROMAGNA No deaths in the last 22 hours, but new cases of Coronavirus and hospitalizations in Emilia-Romagna. Up 20. 504 tampons have been detected 669 more infections than yesterday, while the patients in intensive care are 24 (+2), 267 those in the other Covid departments (+ 13).

The average age of the new positives is 34, 2 years and among the provinces in first place there is Modena with 113 new cases then Rimini 112, Bologna 91 more 18 of the Imola district. There are 9 active cases. 002 (+ 403 compared to yesterday), the 96, 8% in home isolation. The healed are 266 more.

For vaccinations, at 15 were administered in total 5. 222. 359 doses; out of the total, they are 2. 405. 101 le people who have completed their cycle.

TUSCANY In Tuscany I am 254. 983 cases of Coronavirus positivity, 765 more than yesterday. The average age of the new positives is 33 years approximately: 24% has less than 18 years, the 45% between 20 And 39 years, the 22% between 40 And 59 years, 6% between 60 And 79 years, 3% has 80 years or more. Unfortunately there are three new deaths – all men, average age 70 years, one resident in the province of Livorno, two in that of Grosseto – bringing the total to 6. 924. Decisive increase in the number of hospitalized patients returning above quota 197: compared to yesterday I am 23 in addition, for one total of 215, of which 22 in therapy intensive (1 more). These are the data disseminated by the Region. The healed grow by 0.1% and reach quota 234. 967 (93, 7% of total cases). The currently positives are today 9.0 92, + 6.5% compared to yesterday. Overall, 8. 869 people are in isolation at home, as they have mild symptoms that do not require hospital care, or are symptom-free (526 more than yesterday, plus 6.3%). I’m 12. 354 (39 more than yesterday, plus 0.3%) people, also isolated, in active surveillance because they have had contact with infected people.

Regarding the single provinces Florence records 267 more cases than yesterday, Prato 60, Pistoia 78, Massa Carrara 28, Lucca 74, Pisa 90, Livorno 63, Arezzo 52, Siena 31, Grosseto 22.

UMBRIA I’m 147 the new cases of positivity to Covid ascertained in the latest 24 hours in Umbria, compared to two fewer hospitalizations and 61 healed. Covid places occupied in hospitals are 20 two of which (data unchanged for days) in intensive care. Even today there are no deaths.

The currently positive are 1. 858 (86 more than yesterday). This is what emerges from the daily data of the Region updated to August 5.

The tests analyzed in the latest 24 hours are 4. 686 (2.559 antigenic and 2. 127 molecular swabs) and the total positivity rate is 3, 13 for cent.

LAZIO Today in Lazio there are 544 new cases of positive Covid, including recoveries (+ 31). The

deaths are 6, including recoveries (+5), while the hospitalized are 392 (+ 13) and intensive care 51 (+2). The cases in Rome city are high 236 . “We observe even today – says the regional councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato – a slowdown in the trend of positive cases (- 236 on a weekly basis) “and the pressure on the hospital network remains” low “.

As for the Delta variant, the high vaccination rate is holding it back, and therefore “seems to be holding back its run”.

MARCHE In the last day there was a jump in hospitalizations for Covid in the Marche: +8 patients make the total rise to 50. On the last day 197 positive cases (incidence 69, 26 up 100 thousand inhabitants) detected and no deaths (the total remains 3.0 40), informs the Health Service of the Region. Among the hospitalized, those in intensive care (4; -1) are decreasing and those in semi-intensive care (7; +4) and in non-intensive wards (39; +5); only one discharged. Positives in home isolation rise to 2. 371 (+ 133) and the total of positives (also includes hospitalized patients) to 2. 439 (+ 141). The osp The quarantines for contact with infected are now 3. 824 (+ 63) while the healed / discharged reach quota 100. 798 (+ 55) . Among the new ones 197 cases of contagion ben 70 concern the province of Macerata, 42 Il Fermano, 41 the province of Ancona 21 the Pesarese and 13 Ascoli Piceno; ten infections from outside the region. I’m 35 people with symptoms; among the cases 55 derive from domestic contact and 49 from close contacts of positives , five in a work setting and eight in a living or social environment.



CAMPANIA I am 670 the positives of the day in Campania recognized against 7. 642 processed swabs. This was communicated by the Crisis Unit of the Region.

There are no deaths in the last 48 hours. On the other hand, a patient died previously but the death was registered yesterday.

I am 246 the hospital beds occupied and 13 patients admitted to intensive care.

BASILICATA In Basilicata, yesterday 1 were tried. 102 molecular swabs for the research of contagion from Covid – 19, of which 64 (among which 62 related to residents in Basilicata) were positive. On the same day they were registered 36 healings. This was announced by the regional task force. Also yesterday 4 were carried out. 503 vaccinations. I am currently 362. 190 the Lucanians who received the first dose of the vaccine (65, 5 percent) and 268. 123 those who also received the second dose (48, 5 per cent) for a total of administrations carried out equal to 630. 313 up 553. 254 residents.

PUGLIA in Puglia, have been registered 002. 492 test for Covid infection – 19 coronavirus and have been registered 243 positive cases, with the incidence rising to 2.3%. Of the new positives 35 are in the province of Bari, 30 in the province of Brindisi, 47 in the BAT province, 13 in the province of Foggia

92 in the province of Lecce, 19 in the province of Taranto, 2 cases of residents outside the region, 5 cases of unknown province of residence. No deaths were recorded. 2 have been carried out since the beginning of the emergency. 946 . 886 test . 247389 are the healed patients, 2887 are the currently positive cases of which 108 hospitalized. The total of positive Covid cases in Puglia is 256. 947.

CALABRIA In Calabria, to date, the total number of swabs performed were 1. 004. 610 (+2. 735). The people who tested positive for Coronavirus are 69. 556 (+ 164) compared to yesterday “. This was reported by the Region in the usual emergency bulletin


SARDINIA The virus returns to scare Sardinia. There are 4 deaths registered today on the island, 522 contagions from covid in 24 hours, out of 3 . 514 persons tested. The positivity rate therefore jumps to 14, 8%. Fortunately, there are no new hospitalizations: patients in intensive care units are 17, the same number registered yesterday, 87 those hospitalized in the medical area, unchanged. Finally, there are 6. 000 are cases of home isolation (+ 426 compared to yesterday).

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