Coronavirus Italy, today’s 3 August bulletin: 4,845 new cases and 27 deaths. Positive Index 2.3%

I am 4. 845 the positive results of the Covid tests identified in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 3. 190. I am instead 27 the victims in one day (yesterday they were 23). With 209. 719 the molecular and antigenic swabs for the coronavirus carried out in the last 24 hours in Italy (yesterday they were 83. 223) the positivity rate is 2.3%, down from 3.8% yesterday.

I am 258 patients admitted to intensive care for Covid in Italy, 9 more than yesterday in the balance between entries and exits. The daily admissions, according to data from the Ministry of Health, were 26 (yesterday they were 25). The hospitalized with symptoms in the ordinary wards are 2. 196, 126 more than yesterday.

The cases in Italy since the beginning of there are 4 epidemics. 363. 374, the dead 128. 115. The discharged and healed are instead 4. 141. 043, with an increment of 3. 615 compared to yesterday. The currently positives are 94. 216, up by 1. 199 units in the latest 24 hours

VALLE D’AOSTA New ‘boom’ of positive cases at Covid – 17 in Valle d’Aosta. In the last 24 hours were recorded 28 new infected – up 473 people tested – which bring the total of ‘positives’ to 83. This is what is reported in the bulletin of the Ministry of Health. The number of people admitted to the Parini hospital in Aosta rises to three, none in intensive care. There are five healed. The victims since the beginning of the pandemic remain 451.

TRENTINO New day without deaths for Covid in Trentino as reported in today’s bulletin of the Company provincial for health services. I’m 24 the new positive cases registered, of which 5 to the molecular and 19 to the antigenic, against 480 molecular swabs and 1 . 405 rapid antigenic swabs carried out. The molecular also confirm 6 positivity intercepted in recent days by rapid tests. Leap Forward for the Healed, + 56 according to today’s data , for a total of 44. 751 cases from the beginning of the pandemic. There are 9 hospitalized patients, one of whom is in intensive care. There is therefore one less hospitalization than yesterday’s bulletin, the result of 2 new hospitalizations registered against 3 discharges.

SOUTH TYROL I am 38 the new positive cases at Covid – 19 in South Tyrol, recently ascertained 24 hours, from the laboratories of the provincial health authority. Twelve were identified on the basis of 738 pcr buffers (of which 206 new tests) and 26 through 3. 813 antigenic tests. There are no new deaths, while Covid patients – 17 hospitalized are 10, of which 3 in intensive care. Another 5 patients are in isolation in the Colle Isarco and Sarnes facilities. The people declared recovered in the last 24 hours are 26, for a total of 72. 961 since the beginning of the health emergency. Finally, people in quarantine or in home isolation are 788. The number of patients in intensive care decreased from 3 to 2, while that in normal wards rose from 7 to 8.

PIEDMONT Twenty days after the last death, Piedmont returns to register a Covid victim. On the other hand, hospitalizations are stable: in the last 22 hours increased the number of patients in intensive care, which are 7 (+1), while those in the other departments drop to 80 (-1). The new positives rise, 187, but the report with the swabs carried out, 14. 450, it is stable (1.3%). Leap of the healed, 143. People in home isolation ares are 2. 517 (+ 50), the currently positives are 2. 604 (+ 50). From the beginning of the emergency, therefore, Piedmont has registered 366. 333 cases, 11. 700 deaths and 356. 029 guarit


LOMBARDIA Second or what was published in the daily bulletin issued by the Lombardy Region on the spread of Coronavirus, in the face of 36. 010 swabs made, are 586 the new positives (1.6 per cent ). The number of people admitted to the covid wards is growing, where they are 27 patients more than yesterday, for a total of 237, while they are stable at 32 yesterday the patients in intensive care were registered. Three deaths counted today, for a total since the start of the pandemic of 33. 830.

FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia on 4198 molecular swabs were detected 76 new infections with a positive percentage of 1, 88%. They are also 1304 the rapid antigenic tests made, from which they were detected 15 cases (1, 15%). From the analysis of the data available, it emerges that the 50% of new infections concern people under 29 years. Today there are no deaths; 4 people are hospitalized in intensive care (for a percentage of occupancy of the total beds equal to 2.3), while the patients in other departments are 20 (occupation of ‘1.7%). This was communicated by the deputy governor with responsibility for Health Riccardo Riccardi. The deaths totaled 3. 781, with the following territorial subdivision: 813 in Trieste 2. 012 in Udine, 672 in Pordenone and 293 in Gorizia. The totally healed are 103. 601, the clinically cured 49, while those in isolation appear to be 734. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Friuli Venezia Giulia they have been positive overall 103. 200 persons with the following territorial subdivision: 21. 440 in Trieste, 50. 661 in Udine, 21. 495 in Pordenone, 13. 158 in Gorizia and 1. 427 from outside the region. Among the personnel of the regional health system there is a positive result of a nurse from the Friuli Occidentale health agency, while there are two positive ones among the operators of residential facilities for the elderly. There are no positives among the guests of the same structures nor among the people who have returned from abroad. Finally, as regards the positive counts, a case in Udine previously reported as confirmed by antigen test, after verification, was reclassified as a confirmed case by molecular test.

LIGURIA I am 81 the new cases of coronavirus positivity recorded in the ‘last report released by the Liguria Region: in the last 22 hours worked 3. 439 molecular swabs, 3. 388 rapid antigenic. I’m 45 the patients hospitalized, 1 more than yesterday. Of these, 12 are in intensive care. The bulletin reports a new death: there are 4. 366 the victims since the beginning of the emergency. Dei 1. 852. 204 vaccines delivered, have been administered 1. 738. 032, or the 94%.

EMILIA ROMAGNA I’m 365, down compared to the last few days, the new cases of coronavirus registered in Emilia-Romagna on the basis of over And 22. 400 swabs made in the last 24 hours. The regional bulletin announces that there are no new deaths, while the number of Covid patients is still slightly increasing – 17 hospitalized: 22 in intensive care (two more from yesterday) and 247 in the other Covid departments (+8). The average age of the newly infected is low, of 29, 5 years old, while almost the 97% of people currently positive (8. 244) is in home isolation because it does not require hospital treatment. The situation of infections in the provinces sees Bologna with 65 new cases and Piacenza with 52; followed by Reggio Emilia (48) , Ferrara (46) , Rimini (43) and Modena (31); then Ravenna, Forlì and Cesena (20 cases each); finally Parma (8) and the Imola district (2 new cases).

The vaccination campaign proceeds: at 15 are administered in total 5. 143. 187 doses. Out of the total there are 2. 358. 652 the people who have completed the vaccination cycle.

TUSCANY The Tuscany Region has reported that in the face of 12. 655 swabs carried out were discovered 301 new cases of contagion. They are registered 167 healings. Three more hospitalized in intensive care. So far 4.1 million inoculated vaccine doses

UMBRIA I am 75 the new cases of positivity to Covid ascertained in the latest 24 hours in Umbria, on a total of 6. 615 tests analyzed (3. 987 antigenic and 2. 628 molecular swabs). With an overall positivity rate of 1, 13 per cent. It emerges from the data of the Region updated to 3 August. The healed are 74 and even today there are no deaths. Hospital admissions down today 17 (two less than yesterday) of which two (data unchanged) in intensive care. The number of currently positives rises by one unit only

1. 661.



ABRUZZO I am 54 (referring to people aged between 8 months and 84 years) covid cases – 19 recorded today in Abruzzo and results from 4. 918 Tests performed (2. 157 Molecular Buffers and 2. 661 Antigenic tests), with the total number of infections rising from the beginning of the emergency to 74. 346. Of the total of positive cases, 19. 367 They are resident or domiciled in the province of L’Aquila (+ 20 compared to yesterday), 19. 747 In the province of chieti (+9), 18. 625 In the province of pescara (+ 15), 17. 894 In the province of teramo (+ 12), 599 outside the region (unchanged) and 106 (-3 ) for which provenance checks are in progress. The death toll of patients does not register new cases and remains stable at 2. 515. The number of positive cases also includes 72. 360 Discharged / healed (+ 69 compared to yesterday). The currently positives in Abruzzo (calculated by subtracting the number of discharged / recovered and deceased from the total of positives) are 1. 471 (- 15 Compared to yesterday. total are also included 334 cases concerning patients lost to follow-up from the beginning of the emergency, on which checks are underway). I’m 42 patients (+4 compared to yesterday) hospitalized in the medical area; 1 (unchanged from yesterday) in intensive care, while the others 1. 428 (- 19 Compared to yesterday) I am in home isolation with active surveillance by of the asl. A total of 1 have been carried out since the beginning of the emergency. 257. 950 Molecular Buffers and 587. 609 Antigenic tests. The positivity rate, cal cast on the sum of molecular swabs and antigen tests of the day, is equal to 1. 010 Percent.


CAMPANIA The Campania Region has announced that in the face of 15 thousand swabs carried out were discovered 361 new cases of contagion. There have been two deaths in the last forty-eight hours.

BASILICATA I am 65 the positives at Covid in Basilicata on 788 molecular swabs processed yesterday 2 August. On the same day, 9 recoveries of residents in Basilicata and one death were recorded. This is what is reported in today’s bulletin of the Region’s task force. Stays stable at 20 the number of people hospitalized, including one in intensive care. Currently the Lucanians positive for Covid in general are 751. The daily positivity rate is 8.2%.

PUGLIA Today in Puglia they have been registered 11. 623 test for Covid infection – 19 coronavirus and have been detected 213 positive cases with an incidence of 1.8%. of new cases 31 are in the province of Bari, 27 in the province of Brindisi, 31 in the BAT province, 25 in the province of Foggia, 61 in the province of Lecce, 36 in the province of Taranto, 3 cases of residents outside the region. 1 case of unknown province of residence was reclassified and attributed. A death was recorded in the province of Brindisi. 2 have been carried out since the beginning of the emergency. 923. 726 test. 247. 212 are the recovered patients and 2. 585 are the currently positive cases, of which 94 are hospitalized. The total of positive Covid cases in Puglia is 256. 46.

CALABRIA The buffers increase and the positives increase at the same pace. I’m 123 the new cases found in the last ones 24 hours with 3. 451 tests carried out. The positivity rate still drops and stands at 3, 56%, yesterday was 4, 78. There is one death, which occurred in the province of Reggio Calabria, which brings the total of victims to 1. 257. Stable admissions in medical departments, 61 and those in intensive care 5. The recovered I’m 175 (67. 174), while the number of home-based isolates decreased by 53 unit (2. 764). The currently positives are 2. 840 (- 53). This was reported by the daily bulletin relating to the Covid epidemic – 19 which reports the data communicated by the Prevention Departments of the Provincial Health Trusts of the Calabria Region.

To date, the total number of tampons performed in the region is 999. 311 . The people who tested positive for Coronavirus are 69. 271. Territorially, since the beginning of the epidemic, the positive cases are distributed as follows: Catanzaro: Active cases 181 (5 in ward 0 in intensive care, 176 in home isolation); Closed cases 10268 (10124 healed, 144 deceased); Cosenza: Active cases 1391 (31 in ward, 2 in intensive care, 999 in home isolation); Closed cases 22341 (21764 healed, 577 deceased); Crotone: Active cases 173 (4 in ward, 1 in intensive care 158 in home isolation); Closed cases 6638 (6537 healed 101 deceased); Reggio Calabria: Active cases 808 (26 in ward 1 in intensive care, 781 in home isolation); Closed cases 23194 (22854 healed, 340 deceased); Vibo Valentia: Active cases 56 (2 in ward, 0 in therapy intensive, 57 in home isolation); Closed cases 4198 (5497 healed, 92 deceased). The provincial health authority of Cosenza communicates 14 new positive subjects of which 3 resident outside the region, that of Crotone reports 21 new positive subjects, one of which is a migrant.


SARDINIA In Sardinia they are registered today 210 further confirmed Covid positive cases, based on 2780 persons tested. Patients admitted to intensive care units are 17, the same number recorded yesterday. Patients admitted to the medical area are 80 (+3 compared to yesterday). 5. 301 are cases of home isolation (+ 106 compared to yesterday). There is a death of a woman of 90 years, resident in the Province of South Sardinia.